RCA connector cleaning tool

is there a simple tool that can be used to quickly, easily clean off RCA connectors? It's kinda hard doing it one at a time with a rag.

I have tried the Cable Company's tool, but buying some old pipe cleaners and using rubbing alcohol gave me the best results.

I had to get off all that silly silver paste folks thought was so great...

Good Luck
If the cleaning tool is plastic, be very careful not to use too much pressure or twist too hard on these. I had a buddy who was using the male end tool and had it break in the rear input rca of his phono stage...we had to completely disassemble the unit and pick out the plastic piece by piece with an awl so he could use the component. Not fun.

I would definately go low tech here and use the pipe cleaner and alcohol route myself. :)
I remember using a tool from AA to clean my rcas. I used it to clean the female on my vcr.It broke the rca right off the board,inside the vcr.