RCA Caps

Any body have any comments on whether these are worth using?
I assume they are essentially a shield for unused inputs.
I have them on my Rowland amp and pre-amp.....look nice - any sonic differences noticed - No
They keep dust out,which is a good thing. As Garebare stated,haven't heard any difference in sound.I wouldn't spend a ton of money on them(I paid around 50 cents per piece).I'm sure someone will disagree and that's fine by me.
Whether or not input shorting plugs make a difference will depend on the design of the preamp circuit involved. It is possible that a few models could pick up some noise though an un-shorted input and pass it to the input in use.

However, I'd think that a fairly rare situation and, to me, would indicate poor design choices for that one issue. It should not make a sonic difference with most equipment.
I've been thinking about them for a Steelhead, but then, that's a LOT of unused RCA's, and a lot of sensitivity. I think the money's better spent on tube dampers or audiophile-grade fuses, though.
First let's not confuse caps, which simply surround the positive with the ground, with shorting plugs, which actually short the positive and ground. Cardas Caps are an example of the former and the old shorting plugs that came with Mac gear back in the day would be an example of the latter. I notice no difference with the former, but have had quite a good result from using shorting plugs, finding the overall noise architecture to be diminished and the fabric of the music to be clearer. YMMV.
Thanks for the replies gents, i dont use them at present, but only use 1 input on my Asr, so considered them but maybe ill stop fiddling for a while and buy a cd instead.