Rca cable with wbt connector or other connector that fits chord hugo 2


I am using a chord hugo 2 dac and enjoy it.

The only issue is rca out is fussy regarding which cables terminations fit into it.

I was advised that wbt rca connectors fit it well so looking for recommendations for rca cables with wbt connectors or any other rca cable that works well with chord hugo 2.
If you like your current cables aside from the termination issues, you could buy the wbt connector yourself (e.g., from https://www.partsconnexion.com/) and have a local tech install for you. Any competent tech could do the surgery. 
The problem is the small cutouts in the housing to fit terminations with fancy oversized RCA plugs.  I can’t say if any WBT will fit.  However, I can say that Eichman which I believe is now branded KLE, fits perfectly.  I use Morrow Audio MA3 with the Eichman RCA’s.  So, if any of the manufacturers you prefer, offer Eichman RCA’s you will be fine as far as fitting into your Hugo.
I will add to my reply that I have several cables with WBT RCA’s and they don’t fit the Hugo.  I don’t know how many different RCA terminations WBT offers, but I can say unequivocally that the ones I have don’t fit without removing the barrels.