RBH T-2 feedback requested

My friends own a shop and have a demo set of T-2's they'll sell me, along with a T-1 center channel. Also a Sunfire TGR3 receiver. $5k is their price. About $15k for everything retail new.

I own an Acurus Act3 upgraded to Aragon 7.1 specs. I've had trouble with getting it to play in the right mode off and on. I've been on the road the last year and haven't used it at all. I also have an Acurus A150 amp and an Aragon 8008x3, which I must have blown a fuse on as it wasn't powering up last time I tried. Three pairs of Snell speakers CV, EIV and J-something, smallest of the three. Love them all, have blown driver(s) one or more on the C's and E's. Wondering if this is a good chance to upgrade for the very long-term.

The Snell C's are awesome, but of course the RBH's are killer and can deliver all I've wanted for bass and clarity and more. The Sunfire would likely be a good piece to own, but I'm thinking the price may still be high for the whole package. If I go for it, they're recommending some RBH MW24's for rear channel wall-mounts.

Is owning T-2 ass-kicking fronts and center a buying opportunity that shouldn't be passed up? Thanks

You probably won't get a lot of high praises for RBH around here. But, there are all kinds of glowing reviews of RBH on Audioholics.com, though. Personally, I cannot stomach the website for my own personal reasons. Should take you all of about 5 seconds to find out on your own once you are there why.

Here is my impression of RBH. Great build and construction. They also offer dozens and dozens of real wood veneer options. Of the majority of their speakers I do not like how they sound. However, if I were to ever buy an RBH speaker, it would be the Signature Series T3/T2. These are really fun speakers and I must admit I do like them.

Not to be mean, but those of us who are in this business think the abbreviation 'RBH' stands for 'Really Bad Home' speakers. That is just meant to be funny. LoL

The Sunfire is capable of driving these as the T2 has a high sensitivity. It's still 4ohm though and the Sunfire might tend to run warm. But, I don't think that is a real concern unless placed inside a cabinet.

Let's see $15K of goods for $5K....hmm? Could anyone pass that up? I know what your dealer makes on those speakers.....he just lost a lot of money.
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, do it! I own a set of the T-30LSE's(very similar to the T-2 but in one cabinet) with a T-1 center. I have had them for a while now, but I still get a smile listening to them.

I know the previous post says he was joking about Really Bad Home Speaker, so don't read too much into that. These are not their entry level speakers you are looking at. You will be VERY happy with that purchase at that price (Way less than I paid!).

I would recommend you pick up a couple of their SA-400 amps to run the subs separately. And don't feel committed to run the speakers in the T-2 configuration. That is the one downside to the T-30LSE's. I can't position the Subs for optimum performance.

You have come across a great pick-up, don't let it pass.