RBH sound system + Denon

Dear Friends. I just ordered RBH 5.1 signature system for my home theater following reccomendations from online magazine.But my question is what is the best reciever with all modern functionsa (scaler, hdmi, all sound formats, easy installation and etc.) to play all these speakers you can reccomend. I am thinking about top range DENON, but never heard it and not sure.
Thank you in advanse
denonmakes superb gear for home theatre
Denon recvrs are overated IMHO. I'd be looking at Arcam & Outlaw.
Indeed, sonically, the Arcam is superb, all things considered. However, as a receiver goes, the top of line Denon stuff sounds pretty darn good. That said, you weigh the advantages of the MultEQ feature on the Denon (fixing room acoustics nightmares that are unavoidable, otherwise, pulling the sonic integrity of any system down to "lower fidelity" performance, without extensive room acoustics modifications), and I'd chose the Denon! Yes, I think the benefits of that feature, alone, is more important than the differences in possible sonic improvements in other gear, for HT dubties!