RB300 VTA adjustment on Nottingham Horizon

I recently purchased a Nottingham Horizon and an RB300 from separete sellers and am now trying to set VTA on the arm after installation - how in the heck is this accomplished?

The screw-threads on the base of the arm will not extend far enough down.

Has anyone out there experiecned this?

I've got a virtually new setup that I can't use - this stinks!

Any assistance is way welcomed!

I'm not familiar with the Horizon, but Expressimo Audio sells an extended nut that fits the Rega threads and gives you about an inch more length to work with. That might help.
You may need a Nott arm collar from Audiophile Systems, the Nott distributor. The Horizon I had came w/ the standard RB250 and VTA adjustment was very easy, but I don't know whether the standard Rega VTA adjustors will work with a Nott armbase. Good luck.

I recommend you to visit the Rega Website. It has a good explanation about the spacers. Probably, you can use the "Sleeved arm nut". You have a picture of that on the Rega Website in the section "accessories-spacer". It's the round metal thing above the spacers for the RB-1000 and RB-300.
I was thinking of getting this table in the future, after hearing one, on vacation in Colorado. I wondered if the new VTA adjuster from Teres Audio would work, go to there website and check it out. It sets VTA on the fly, I just don't know much clearance you will need? Teresaudio.com, I believe? Hey Doug have you seen this thing, looks much sturdier than the other one floating around on Ebay, and was just posted here. Just a thought.
I've seen the Teres VTA adjuster on Cello's table with a Basis Vector. It's well made and operates very smoothly. CB should know whether it could be used on a Horizon.

The only niggle is that the knob you turn to adjust arm height is beneath the armboard, where the Rega locking nut would be. The scale you read for repeatability is also underneath. That's no big deal on a Teres because the open armboard makes it easy to see/work beneath the arm mount. How easy that would be to use on a Horizon I'm not sure.
I've used that extended nut, and it's a pain in the ass. I now use the VTAF with great results. True on-the-fly adjustment.

I don't know about using it on the Nott' though.