RB300 Rewire or Graham Robin for my Gyrodec ?

I am thinking of upgrading Rega RB300 tonearm on my Michell Gyrodec SE within limited budget.
A friend of mine has recommended me to rewire it using Incognito Kit or Discovery and the others have advised that the Graham Robin tonearm is a real upgrade and much better than the Incognito/Discovery Rewire.

Would you please share your experiences with me on which one is recommendable for my Gyrodec SE turntable ?.
I appreciate your opinions in advance.

I've been through this same thing. The Rega's and the Robin are both fine tone arms, but IMHO, the cost of the improvements in rewiring the Rega is not worth the final results - and the Robin is just another Rega.. they are stepping stones for you to want more of the next level of tone arms.. You already have a table that can handle a great tone arm, so why not go for a "real" arm.. You can always keep that "real" arm, and always have the option of upgrading your Michell Gyrodec table.
If you are skilful you can rewire the Regs your self. Ie
from 'tags' till RCA connectors. The Discovery wiring is
excelent btw. But the most easy way is from the Din connector in the 'collar'. You need to solder the actual
Rega wiring to a new Din (male)connector and then use any
phono-cable from there. The problem by Rega is this part;
from the collar till the RCA connectors. 'a piece of junk'
as you (the Anglo-Saxons)call it.
gslone has it right.
Sticking to what you have asked , I own a Gyro SE MK ii and did the rewire with the incognito kit a few years back for a cost of about 150 at the time. For the money and the improvements I found it gave it was well worth it. Outside of what you ask I agree that the din connector replacment, and a kit is available offers more options for cables but certainly at a greater cost. The option for another (real?)arm will give better end results, but will require a much greater investment and will require a new mounting plate, your cartidge may or may not be suitable with a new arm and may not be a good match for the gyro if not selected properly and most of the better arms don,t come with cables or need better cables to get the performance out of them. The Rega certainly isn,t a Graham or an SME that I now am using but for a entry arm ,cost versus value I think its prooved itself through the decades .
Try smetonearms out of Canada. They offer the SME M2 (9") for $999 plus $25 for shipping. Everyone else retails this arm for $1600 or $1700.
If you rewire your rega with pure silver wire, this makes a big difference. I followed directions from a page called Hotrod Rega a few years ago but can't seem to find it anymore. If you need a recommendation for silver wires let me know. The whole project was very affordable.
Ydkim/Scar972, The construction of Rega allows easy access
to the armwand-hole.I have the description of how to do this.Scar you are not explicite but I assume you mean rewire from tags till RCA connectors. Ie the best solution for (the only) Rega problem.