RB300 binding in horizontal movement

I've had my used Planar 3 for a few years now with a tweaked RB300. It was rewired with the incognito wiring kit and the expressimo counter weight and stub. About a month ago the tonearm started to bind during it's horizontal movement. It's as if the anti-skate has been set to 1 pound. If I move the tonearm about half way across the platter I hear a slight click and feel the binding give way. After that all works well and there is no resistance (other than the anti-skate setting) at all. The next day, it all starts over. I haven't done anything to the tonearm and it just started without any warning. Any ideas what is causing this and more importantly, any solutions to this problem?

I have run into this before and was able to correct it but unfortunately I can't remember how. I'll try to chase it down.
Some possible causes that come to mind:

Tonearm wire dressing
Check that the wire leading from the arm is not kinked or catching on anything.

Antiskate mechanism malfunctioning
Try moving the A/S adjustment back and forth through its full range a bunch of times. Also, try setting it to "zero" and test the arm's behavior for a few days. I don't know how that mechanism works, but I suppose something in it might be "sticking".

Bearings dirty, worn, damaged or out of adjustment
Repairing this would probably be a job for a pro. Try holding a stethoscope against the bearings and move the arm through stickiness until it frees up. You might be able to hear where the problem is.

Duh #1
Make sure the end stub isn't snagging on a dust cover or any other object (the cat?) that might be in the way.

Duh #2
Make sure the arm's cueing support bar and the underside of the arm tube are clean. You can use a little alchohol on a Q-tip.

If the cause is something like the last two you're allowed to make something up rather than confess in public! ;-)

Others will have other ideas I'm sure. Good luck!
Thanks Doug. I've gone through all the "Duh" items. The tonearm wiring is fixed at the exit point so if it's binding anywhere, it'll be inside the tonearm. I've tried to slide the anti-skate adjuster up and down (slowly) several times with no luck.

Piedpiper, I'd appreciate any information you can dig up. In the mean time, I'll keep researching.

I believe the problem is with the anti-skate. On the RB 300 a magnet is used for this purpose, amd I have seen many Regas have this problem. Most people believe it's the rewiring job, but it's the magnet in the post of the arm and in the slide where the anti-skate button is.
I found the problem. It was in fact the rewiring job. More specifically, a piece of rubber tubing around the signal wires then wrapped by the braided wire. This tube worked it way out of the braiding and was wedged up against the bearing housing and the signal wires. That's where the binding was coming from not to mention some serious tracking issues. Some very careful work with surgical scissors and tweezers and problem resolved. Ahhhhh.

Thanks to all who replied.