RB300 arm for LP12

is this a good match and will the rega arm fit in the standard linn armboard hole or does it require a new armboard be purchased
If you're dead-set on using a Rega arm on an LP-12, I would humbly suggest the Origin Live modified RB-250 in lieu of a stock RB-300. Check out the website at www.originlive.com for details. Some of our other members are using this arm with great success. In general, Rega arms with the structural modification fare better on the LP-12, with its "older-style" sprung suspension/isolation system. Regards, John
musikdoc beat me to the punch - i'm another satisfied o-l rb250 user... mine's on an oracle....
I'd try to pick up an Ittok,etc., already mounted on a Linn armboard. This would be a turnkey and Linn-matched system. All Linn is better, IMHO, than alternatives from other manufacturers.