RB300 anti-skating problem never quite ?

hi, i see a anti-skating works "always" in a RB300

In a position
position 0 = works very little +
position 1 = works ++
position 2 = works +++

is this normal? never quite zero. ?
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying, but assume that your observations are made based on the settings and the movement of the arm without the stylus being set in the groove. Is that correct?

If so, consider that anti-skating works in conjunction with the stylus tracking force. The greater the tracking force the greater the anti-skating force should be.
This is taken from a recent technical paper in The Vinyl Engine members area...."From discussions on web forums it becomes evident that some people think that skating force is zero when the tracking error is equal to zero, as it is the case in the null points. This is true only for linear tracking arms, for pivoted arms this simply not correct. As long as the line connecting the stylus tip to the arm pivot is not tangential to the groove at the contact point, which is always the case for pivoted arms, a skating force is generated. For that very reason tangential pivoted arms like the Garrard Zero and the Thales still have anti-skating mechanisms." Klaus Rampellman.Obviously Rega thinks the same.
You could try removing the anti-skate device. There is a screw in the bottom which goes up through the arm stand. It holds a plate on the arm bottom which can be pulled off and the anti-skate slider can be removed. It is just a piece of plastic with a magnet on the end. Removing the magnet/slider will eliminate all anti-skate force.