rb 900 arm

Can anyone advise on the rega rb900 arm vs the JMW10 to go on a Basis 2100 table with a Benz GLider ? Or is the RB300 with the origin live mod good enough?

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I am using a VPI HW-19 Mk 4 turntable, and have used both the Rega RB900 and the JMW10 arms. I personally think the JMW10 arm is marginally better with the VPI table, but this may not be true with the Basis 2100 table. If you can get a used RB900 arm for around $600, as I did, there is no question that it's a much better deal than the RB300 with Origin mod. The RB900 is a fine arm by any standard(Stereophile "Class A" rated), except for the lack of adjustment for VTA.