RB 300 VTA Tracking

How do you adjust the VTA on this arm, I am getting one shipped soon and I read in S'phile it has no adjustment on it? Thanks, I'm new to vinyl so I'm a rookie.

You can use an "after-market" VTA adjustor (made by Incognito, Mitchell, Expressimo, etc.) or Rega sells some shims that come in 2mm and 4mm widths. I have an Incognito adjustor and lower nut for sale right now if you decide to go this route ;)

I am also buying a Rega RB1000 in about a week or so,does that aftermarket VTA adjuster work on all Rega models?
yes, the RB700, RB900 and RB1000 have "triangle"-ish spacers that look like these
There is no VTA adjustment of the Rega so you need either to buy one from a couple of companies who make them or put spacers under the armboard (depending on the armboard used) or under the arm itself. This is one real complaint I had about their arm.
Mre 2007
Thanks for the link
Thanks Mre 2007! Do you have to take the tonearm off every time you want to adjust VTA? Is it necessary to adjust it that often or at all. I would guess that depends on the cartridge and tonearm. I thinking for heavy albums you might or am I thinking too much? Thanks, back in the day I just disc washed the album and popped it on!!!!
George: no problem!

Pops: Yes you do have to remove the tonearm, but it's not that difficult, especially with the optional lower nut... I had to adjust the VTA with my "new" Denon DL-103D cartridge and my Ringmat. If you want to adjust VTA for thicker records, I'd consider the Pete Riggle VTAF located here. I don't really have the patience to adjust VTA for each album, nor do I think that the difference will be that noticable on my setup... So, in my case, it was pretty much plug-and-play, but your mileage may vary... ;)
Pete Riggle makes the VTAF: http://vtaf.com/

I plan on getting one for my rb250[oem1] arm

read the testimonials. it does more that vta ...

and check out the review at 6moons: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/garrard/301_3.html

this thing will make changing cartridges easier as well.
Goto the analog for sale section of this site, and you'll see that Pete Riggle makes what you need for the RB 300. Other arms out there too, never had provision for VTA from the factory, but it appears Pete has come up with his VTAF to fit many. Mark
Go to a bicycle shop to get any spacers you may need for a buck a piece compared to the $$$ that Rega will charge. You'll find that they are the same spacers. The Riggle works good plus Origin Live has a good VTA adjuster for about $20 US.
thanks for that tip.

I was thinking about changing mats which makes it a VTA dilemma on the nad533.

what are these spacers called. Meaning, what exactly do i ask for at the bike shop?
These are spacers that are used between the handlebars and the bicycle frame. They come in different centimeter thicknesses with a whole diameter that just happens to fit perfectly to the tonearm. A Rega dealer actually gave me this tip. Should be about $1.00 each compared to $$$from Rega.
ooops... I said centimeter thicknesses. I meant millimeter.
What a great tip!
Thanks bro.