RB-1092 connection problem to REL sub

Hi all,
I got my ROTEL RB1098 receiver and Vienna Acoustics Strauss fronts and REL STADIUM III sub. I have a problem when I use both LFE and high level input to connect the REL. The Rotel shuts down the channel where the ground wire connected to. I read in there forum a statement indicating that digital amps do not allow high level input to REL. Though if connected either input separately its working fine. Presently just using a high level input only, at leat it givs me a killing sub-base effect.
Any help is welcome!
Just a little correction to my previous message. My REL connected to the RB1092 amp.
The problem is the way most digital amps ground do not mesh with the way the high level cable from REL grounds. This is why you are getting a grounding hum through the sub when connected. Rel has not had a fix for this issue until recently. You can now order from Sumiko or your authorized dealer, a new high level "digital" cable that has the two "hot" wires for your amp(red/yellow) and instead of the black ground wire, there is an rca plug that you connect into any open rca on the back of your pre-amp. Once this cable is used, you should not have your hum anymore or the amp shut down. Just hook up your LFE for now until you get the new cable.