RB-1000 repair advice needed

I just broke a wire on my RB-1000 while installing a new cartridge. Does anyone have any experience with any of the Rega re-wire products from Incognito or Take Five Audio? Should I just send it back to Rega for the stock wiring? If I stick with the Rega is this a 2 piece wiring design? In other words does the entire run of cable have to be replaced all the way to the RCAs or is it connected somewhere in the middle so only the tonearm wires have to be replaced.

Any thoughts appreciated.


sorry to hear about your Arm.Not too long ago I found myself in the same predicament,my Origin Live Silver tonearm had a short in it.Not having the money to replace/upgrade the arm I contacted Michael at Britaudio and he performed the Cardas internal rewire (couldn't afford the Incognito loom) for me.Cardas is a balnced sounding cable, with top quality cartridge clips to boot.Highly reccommended.Not sure what Rega charges for a rewire or how long they take,mine was back to me in a weeks time.

Hope this helps
Just another vote for Brit Audio. Very capable folks ... and fast. Dave