Raysonic gone belly up, is this a hoax? Read on...

Found this recently, if this is for real ?

Sorry to hear about this. My Raysonic 128 is unquestionably the best sounding player I've owned and has been flawless over the last 5-6 years.
I have owned several Raysonic pieces over the years and all have performed flawlessly. I currently use the CD 238 in my reference system. It bested many Esoteric brands (including Esoteric :) in home and store compatisons. I would not trade its perfomance or sound quality for any other sub $5000 player I have heard. I have been assured and am certain that the dealer I have purchased my Raysonic gear from (Quest For Sound) will properly handle any warranty issues that may arise.
I have owned a number of Raysonic pieces over the years, including the SP-120 integrated amp and several CD players. They have all performed flawlessly. I currently use the 238 CD player in my reference system. I would not exchange its performance or sound quality for any player I have heard or auditioned in recent years. It has outlasted and bested players from Sony,Rega,Cary,Marantz,Unico and Esoteric I have purchased all of my Raysonic gear from Quest for Sound, and have complete confidence that they will handle any warranty issues that may arise.

This subject is not about Raysonic products or product quality, but about whether they did close shop leaving their employees out in the cold or not.
A similar letter was posted on 6 moons a while ago,