Raysonic CD228

Has anyone heard the new Raysonic CD228?
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Nope, but according to S.Monte of QFS and owner of NAT distribiution it is the best Raysonic yet......I mean it has to be - it is twice as expencive as their recently released top dog.
I will surely have a listen in the very near future. It is said that it is build to make the statment in the high end CDP market.....we will see...........

I think its funny how they call the seperate power supply a "Fission Power Source"! Hmm a nuclear-powered CD Player! LOL
Owning a 168 with cryoed NOS tubes, Morrow MAP 2 power cord 168 resting on Herbies Isocup/balls which are sitting on a combination of 2 large ERAudio Harmonizer boards as a sandwhich using Machina Dynamica Promethean Springs, AND , and playing it through the XLR outputs direct to my active XO, it would be hard to imagine they could advance the sonics much ;)

Things I would like to see one additional input, and polarity control on the remote. OTher than that, I can't imagine it being "THAT" much better
Face it, Tweak, your 168 is obsolete.

Paul, I disagree, his 168 will be better than ever once he starts using that new hair dryer for $230 that will demagnetize his disc collection!
And King Elvis looks.........worth $230 IMO.
I have the Raysonic CD228, bought as a demo from a dealer. 1st week the CD228 stopped reading CD's and malfunctioned. Sent it in to the dealer to be fixed. Shipped back to me and a loose screw was found rattling inside the CD player when I opened the shipping box and pulled out the CD228, you could hear it rattling around.. Put it in service and its still playing...Good thing I have warranty..
The service Directly from Raysonic is non existant..weeks went by after sending an email and voicemail directly to Raysonic before I got as reply.A few emails back and forth,requesting info, then nothing. Sure glad the dealer handled the repair as if left to Raysonic its a coin toss whether you actually get service.
That said...the sound is amazing, definately brought my system to the next level. Service from Raysonic...ZERO.For me to be a satisfied customer Steven Leung could send me a brand new unit and take his defective unit back.
Funny, I have read several complaints about service when it comes to Raysonic. Also heard they have a new distributor for North America. I wonder if this is a brand that can compete against the likes of Rega, Linn, Simaudio ect. for reliability. They look very stylish, but its whats under the hood that counts.
I had a 168, it sounded almost too smooth. I ditched it 2 years ago as I didn't like the sound on rock cd's. It seemed to suck the dynamics out of the music. I have since moved on to Esoteric players and with my recently bought UX-3, couldn't be happier. I am sure I will receive a lot of flack for saying this, but the lack of support from the factory makes me to never audition one of their players again. IMHO it's a poor mans Ayon.
Based on my experience with their past distributor, getting a new one was the best thing that could have happened to them. Long story - I won't bore you, but I wouldn't buy anything from that last guy again.
I have an Exposure 2010S and I am extremely happy with it. I got it on discount as it was the dealers demo. The 3010S is even better. I would buy from this company again. Made in UK. Esoteric is world class, I know it well.