raysonic cd128 vs Denon 5910 for 2ch

was thinking of a used 5910,but how would the 2ch sound,have the 128,anyone compare??
thanks John
in 2-ch set up, I have it tested side by side with much more expensive players Burmester 033 ($13K), Linn Sondek CD12 ($21K)and the 5910 got kicked in the butt big time. It was no match for these two players in both CD and DVD formats. The higher roll were very enjoyable; very dynamic, very solid and warm vocal, and bigger sound stage. It seems like I just double up my amp power. The 5910, on the other hand, sound very "loose" and thin. Very murky and far away.
In 2-ch, the lower baller, the Krell DVD Standard ($8K)produce brighter, faster, and lighter sound than those two big boys above. It's vVery familiar with 5910's.

I also tested it with Arcam DV-29 and Pioneer Elite DV-79avi and it has very familiar sound. The Arcam has much warmer sound, very great for movie. At first I really like its warmness, very "England sound",very lay back but after awhile I kinda miss the clarity, the details, the brightness that 5910 delivered especially the great sound effects in DVD movie format. Note: the DV-29's remote control is not friendly user. Buttons don't organize the unusual way as I'm familiar with. We, American say it is not friendly user but English say their stuffs are for intelligent people. I've been told once and not making that up.
Anyways, the Pioneer Elite DV-79avi is one step behind the 5910 in both 2-ch and DVD movie format. Its sound is a little less open up (not warm but dull).
If you are a lay back type and want great warm sound, great picture, the DVD-29 is a good contender. It is cheaper , at about $900 used.
If consider the 5910's ratial between price and performance then I rate it as a great value ONLY if you buy it USED for around $1,300. I'm loving mine.
Off the record, the 5910 has 5 diff memories set up for video. Set it up right and you'll ahve good picture quality.
Sorry, I don't have your player to test around but I hope this comparasions helped.