Raysonic CD128 blue light

Is there an easy way to disengage blue light in the tube well?
Contact Raysonic. They're responded quickly to my queries. The blue light doesn't bother me, though, so I haven't asked.
It's done on the remote.
You can dim and eliminate the green display but not the blue lights, unless I'm missing something.
I think it's the center set of buttons on the remote; it would be the third one down from the top.
Nope. That's the "time" button (elapsed time, time-to-end, etc.)
Above it (2nd down, left row) is "dimmer," which affects only the
front-panel display. I tried 'em all and nothing kills the blue lights. Dave
I had the CD168 and was able to kill the blue light from the remote. Apparently the CD128 remote is different.
CD128 doesn’t have this option on the RC. I know that CD168 is a bit different. I get used to it by now. The player is amazing; presentation is as close to life performance as I ever experienced in my room.