Raysonic 168 vs RA opus 21

direct into an onkyo m588f via balanced .i use phones quite often as well.the 21 has analog volume while the 168 uses the digital domain .any input grapp.
I love my 168! I drive it direct to amps. Unlike other digital VCs, I notice little loss at low levels, BUT all music has a right volume to sound as recorded; they are rarely at low volumes
Thnx how is the gain in balanced mode?is it stout?
I run an Opus direct.

I've heard $30k+ digital playback systems and all I can say is... I love my Opus!

I'm sorry I have not made a direct comparison with the 168. It does seem to have a large and dedicated following. That alone says something.

My observed gain (on the Opus) is generous when run balanced to a Pass Labs X150.5 driving modest efficiency speakers.