Raysonic 168 vs PrimaLuna Prologue 8

Has any fellow A'goners demoed these two CD Players.I would like to know the best of the best...
I have a Raysonic 168 now and would like to know if it would be worth the swap to the PrimaLuna 8 player..What are some of the differences??They are priced in the same range.
Your input is greatly appreicated...There are no dealers here in Arizona for me to demo a PrimaLuna.
I have heard PrimaLuna Prologue 8 in the system with ProLogue Six Monobloc Power Amplifiers, ProLogue Three Preamplifier and Verity Audio Tamino loudspeakers.

And Raysonic 168 with Raysonic M 100, 100wpc in class A mono-blocks, Raysonic Vacuum Tube Preamplifier C-200 and JAS Audio Plato luodspeakers ($26,000 pair). Also with Consonance 800 mono-blocks, Consonance M-15 horn loudspeakers and Raysonic C-200 preamplifier.

Both fine CD players.
Raysonic is a little more edgy on top, sharp, detailed but sort of artificial in music reproduction. However it might have been due to miss matched components/synergy -who know....but the best I have heard it play was with Consonance M-15 speakers and driving directly pair of Bravo 3.1 805 Mono blocks. That was a match made in heaven.
That combo will cost you about $12,000 if bought as a package ( I am sort of guessing here-it depends on the dealer and your relation) or buy used here. Really sweet combo.

My choice for my system would be most likely PrimaLuna Prologue 8.
What I liked about it was incredible speed, attack, clarity, transparency.......but in the same time, enormous body and sweetness without the edgy/jittery hights.
Again it could be the skill of the dealer in assembling that system. But I doubt it since everything was Pima Luna but the speakers. Another words nothing fancy or exotic and rare.

I know that a lots of guys were interested in this CDP but lock of dealers and reviews makes buying decision a difficult one to be sure. I can not recommend one CDP over the other, certainly not. It depends on your preferences, system and synergy with the rest of your rig.

If I had to make the call for you.............PL is a keeper (IMO) or go for broke and get Consonance Droplet 5.0 ($3200), Accuphase Lab. CDP or SACD and used EMM Labs CDSA SE CD/SACD Player (5K used) - my favorite ( if I could afford it)

Happy listaning &
enjoy the music

Just bought a Ray 168 to replace my three year old Droplet, which had it's transformer fry from a power problem at my house...sounds good out of the box, more resolving power than the Droplet...bass appears to be in same league or even deeper and more detailed but I don't appear to be losing anything with this change. Not sure of Prima tubing but different output tubes have different sound signatures and any demo you can to with your own gear (probably not possible) is the ultimate way to go.
My 168 has NOS cryoed tubes Herbe tube dampeners, Morrow Audio MA 2 power cord and sits on Herbie isocones. This then sits on a sandwich of ERAudio Harmonizers with Machina Dynamica Promethean Springs. My last 2 players were Lector and Bluenote Stibbert. I prefer the 168