Raysonic 168 vs Ayre CX-7eMP

I got the upgrade bug! I have A Raysonic 168 and have been thinking about getting an Ayre CX-7eMP (used) Is this a decent upgrade?
In my opinion no it is not.
Lateral undergrade.Can you move your speakers around?Maybe buy some new music?Take everything apart and clean and re-connect?How much do you have to spend???Best of luck,Bob
You both have actually heard the "MP" version of the CX-7e?
I am always tweaking my speaker placement.(VR-2)I buy new music all the time. Once every couple of months I take everything apart and clean and re-connect. I have about $2200-$2500 to spend. It's a hobby so buying new gear and changing things around is fun for me.
Unfortunately, I have not heard the Raysonic 168, but I can tell you that the MP upgrade to my CX-7e was a transformation. I recommend buying one off of Agon for about $2k and try it. You can always re-sell it and get your money back. My bet is that you find the MP to be a killer CDP and sell the Raysonic.