Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk vs. PS Audio GCPH

I had my mind set to purchase the PS Audio GCPH as my first phono to get back into analog. I have a Technics D202 TT, Mccormack DNA-1 amp and Herron VTSP 1A line stage.

The 6mooons review on the nighthawk is stellar and seems to have the same versitality as the GCPH. I am a little hesistant because the nighthawk is battery powered. Ray makes a XR2 electric powerd unit which is slightly higher than budget (1k)..

Are there others to consider in this price point? Sutherland ph3????????
In that price range, I prefer the Monolithic sound PS2 and separate power supply HC1b. I liked the sound way better than the GCPH. I've only heard a F177 briefly but I preferred the PS2 in my system.
If you do go with the PS Audio; install a HI-FI Tuning Supreme fuse and use a Zu Audio Mother(or other heavy gauge/high quality) cord. You'll be very pleasantly surprised at the transformation. The units already contain fast recovery rectifiers,and the stock pieces(cord and fuse) seem to restrict them, quite a bit.
Jasmine looks very good to me; a friend is buying one to go with the Pass Labs he already has so he can run both tables he has at once. See ebay for description; made in China but has very good reviews and looks great.
I have the GCPH and really like the sound. The remote is very useful as my preamp (Bryston BP 20) does not have a remote. Have heard good things about the Nighthawk and wouldn't hesitate there either. I borrowed a GCPH from a friend and tried it in my system before buying. Got a good deal at Underwood after deciding on the GCPH.
Rodman99999 how do I get to the fuse in the GCPH? This never occured to me.
The 6moons review of the Nighthawk seems over the moon. It is very much like what MF suggested - just right for the price. Of course I compared the Nighthawk with a pricier EAR 324 and the clear winner is known in like 5 secs while playing the same track. The Nighthawk is definitely not a giant slayer.
Mr F- Remove the screws in the bottom of the unit. The cover can then be spread slightly, and slid off the chassis. The fuse in installed in a simple snap-in holder. Piece of cake!
I'm trying to decide between the GCPH, Jasmine and Jolida. Like the variable gain on the GCPH. The endorsements of the Jasmine have been incredible.

I've heard they have made some improvements to the 2012 JD-9. Is that true?
The Phase button has been another plus, for me. So many recordings exhibit reverse polarity.
Any current Jasmine owners on here that would like to give a review?
I'm using the F-117 Nighthawk with the Dynavector DV-20X Low MC cart and the combo sounds great!
I have listened to the Nighthawk with a number of cartridges and it has performed very well in my system. It has a large presentation that never gets restricted in size during symphonic crescendos. I would describe it to have a full rich sound, not colored but on the full side of neutral. It has worked well in evaluating a number of NOS MM cartridges on my Black Widow tonearm. If I did not know it was an opamp based unit I would swear I was listening to tube unit with a stiff power supply behind it.
I'm still enjoying my Nighthawk/DV-20XL combo. I haven't listened to anything else in the price range and my only other phonostage comparison would be with a Cambridge Audio 640P.