Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk MC/MM Phono

I came across several positive reviews of the F-117 Nighthawk MC/MM phono pre-amp from Ray Samuels Audio.

Anyone own the F-117 Nighthawk?

Does it mate well with Dynavector low-output MC cartridges?
My Nighthawk mates very well with my DV-20XL.
Can't say how it mates with the low output Dynas, but it did a fine job with a 20xH I heard in my system and a friends.

Right now its making sweet music with a Zu 103 in my listening room. Its one of those items that if you're buying new you can't lose on. Ray has a pretty generous satisfaction guarantee so you may as well see how your ears feel.
I purchased the Nighthawk in May and, so far, I have been very happy with its sound quality. I have tried some very low output cartridges, the AT 37E (0.1mV), Denon 304 (0.18 mV) and FR MC201 (0.12mV), with which the Nighthawk provides enough gain and drives them to a very satisfactory level.
same here
"My Nighthawk mates very well with my DV-20XL. "
I've been using the F-117 Nighthawk now for roughly 2 weeks with my Dynavector DV-20X Low MC Catridge and its been a great match!

Thanks to all who provided feedback.
What gain and impedance settings are you using on the Nighthawk with the DV-20XL?

I just picked up the Nighthawk to try with my VPI Classic / DV-20XL. Replacing a Sim LP3. So far, sounds great (halfway down on gain, 100 ohms though the DV-20XL manual suggests 30 ohms). A lot warmer, more lush, less metallic than my Sim.

Auditioning a Luxman E-200, and hopefully a JLTi as well, before making a decision.
So far, I found the best settings to be exactly what you're using (halfway down on gain, 100 ohms).
What is the gain output of your preamps that allows only a half way down on the gain from the Nighthawk? I`m contemplating matching the NightHawk up with a Koetsu Black which has only a .4 output.....My audioresearch preamp only has 12db gain output SE.I want to make sure it will match without going past 12 o`clock...Your thoughts?
Thanks Agiaccio.

Davidmag, I use an Anthem AVM50v. Not sure what the gain is, but I found that higher gain on the Nighthawk resulted in expected, quite audible distortion.

One more question on a slightly controversial topic. What TT/tonearm-to-Nighthawk interconnects are you all using? I currently run BlueJeans LC-1's (which sound as neutral as DHLabs Phantom or AQ Blue Racer II which I've tried) and I'm trying to determine if that's another upgrade I need now...
The rest of my system is an all Linn stereo music system which includes the Linn Akurate Kontrol pre-amp.

For ICs, I use the Linn black unbalanced interconnects.
FYI the input capacitance of the Nighthawk is 220pF