Ray Lumley M100 tube amps

Anybody knows anything about these old amps?
I understood that they weren't bad and would drive low z
ineficient speakers with ease. Also, now would be really
low priced. Haven't seen too many arround thou...Thanks!
Hmmmm, that was some time ago, or is my memory failing me? The ones with kt88's & a grille that looked like an army field transmitter? They were "powerhouses" of the time?

If so, I had heard a "re-capped" pair years ago driving dynamic speakers (no recollection of speakers, just the Lumleys -- a good sign), and I *do* remember a lush, expansive sound that was VERY enjoyable. I don't remember being stricken by detail & upper end extension and I THINK we were driving them with a DNM pre (which is quite detailed).
I suppose I haven't really answered yr question, well...
Ooops, just remembered the speaker & pre: Apogee Stages, DNM 6A and long DNM I/Cs, very short speaker cables (don't remember those (silver Kimber? was ther such a thing?).
I know that this really late but I just checked this section of Audiogon. I have a pair of Lumley Signature Reference 150 watt monoblocks (from England, not imported) and I have had them now for 10 years. I used them once upon a time with Apogee Stages (really inefficient speakers that went down to 2 ohms!) and they never burped, clipped or made any fusses at all. Friends were amazed at the magnificent sound from these amps, and they have been more reliable than any of the solid state amps I have had.

I do not believe many were imported or sold in the USA. I received mine from a man who brought these over from the U.K. when he moved back to the USA. Powerhouses they are, but not at the expense of warmth, transparency or just plain musicality. Find a pair and but them! You won't be sorry.
I have a pair of M250's (not the ones with the gold face plate, and gold caps on the tyranny's). All black, no face plate one of 2 pairs that made there way into the US. One pair went to someone in FL I believe the other went to Jonathan Valin for review. Those are the ones I have. Would you have any interest in them. I'm selling at a very reasonable price in an attempt the upgrade my Audio Research LS2B MK II to a SP 10 MK II. I Have a D-115 that doesn't sound quite as good as the Lumleys but with the additional openness and overall strengths of the SP 10 I think that I could live very happily with it.


Hello Jstones. Yes, I still own a pair of M-100's. They are still in active duty in my brother inlaws rig driving Meadowlarks. These are the later itterations of the earlier industrial versions[ the Grant -Lumley's looked like large dyna mk3's]which I used as well. I purchased them from a dealer here in Canada to drive a pair of acoustat 2+2's way back in the early 80's. They are geniune workhorses,beautiful sounding amplifiers with great trannies that are capable of driving low impedance loads. They have been super reliable as well.Other than retubing and changing out the coupling caps,mine are a completely stock circuit. Originally imported with Genelex kt-88, retubed with 6550c's about 4 years ago. They are very lush or tubey sounding in comparison to the ARC stuff from the same era, however they do create a deap and expansive stage. The larger M-150's and m-200's were not even in the same league sonically! If they are fully stock,reasonably priced and without any issues....buy em,its a no brainer as it would cost you dearly to buy that quality in today's current offerings.
Hello I just bought one Ray Lumley M-100, I´m looking for another Mono block to complete the set. If someone ear about please send me an email to rribeiro@cvtelecom.cv
I´ll to ask about the M-100 manual!
Hi Raul. Hey, good score and best of luck on your search for another. One of the finest 100 watt tube amplifiers ever made,particularly when driving speakers with a difficult impedance load. I may still have my manual for the amplifier & will take a look for it this weekend. What speakers will you be driving with them? cheers...david
Hi I appreciate your email and I hope you can find the manual, the Ray Lumley will drive the Magnepan 2.5R, and I´ve Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 as a Pre amp., and the transport is AMC CD M7. my speaker cables are Straight wire Blue, and de interconnect and interlink are Straight wire Encore.
Hi Raul. Yes.... I have found the manual. I do not have a scanner,however I can photo copy it. Email me with your address and I will mail it to you.
Although I have never heard them with magnepans I am certain they would be a very good match.
Back in the late eighties, I was using a pair dayton wright XG10 electrostatics [an extremely difficult load] as well as a pair of acoustat 2+2's in a very large room. The M-100's were auditioned head to head with the Lumley M-150's, the big ARC 250, the MFA 200 monos,a pair of VTL 220 mono's as well as a few heavywight solid state amplifiers. All of the other amps had more power reserves than the m-100's, some more than twice the power.
Amazing though, the M-100 proved to be winner in the shoot out. Handily besting the other more powerful amps, paricularly in bass drive and dynamic range dep't. They do possess a certain vibe the others just couldn't match! That session was an enlightening experience for me, still not sure why but it's probably due to the massive hand wound output transformers employed in the M-100's.
I still remember the look on the face's of everyone in the room, staring at each other and giggling like school kids at a magic show. Great stuff! Cheers....david

Hey, Thanx Again David for a very good technical advising.
My mail address is in Cape Verde Island, could you send a copy of the manual to this mail Address,
Raul Ribeiro
C.P. 75
Cape Verde
or fax it to 00 238 261 2972
& with the bill you have had on mailing & the copies, than i send to you the correspondent via western union. I really appreciate your Pleasantness.
Hi, I have one of the M-100 not a pair, its sound wonderful, I only drive one speaker but the result is really amazing, fantastic, I´m looking for another to complete my set of power amp. If you know who want to sell one please tell me
Hi Raul. Mailed out a copy of the manual, a schematic & some company literature. Best of luck on your search for another. Cheers....david
Hi David,
Many, many thanx I appreciate your pleasantness so much!
I´m very anxious to received the manuals! and I´LL cross fingers to find another one!
All the Best for You
Thanx Again! million times thanx !
hello David
I´m not received the manuals Yet! soon thus I get it, I´ll let you know!
does anyone here have the schematic for m100 amp i have a pair and would like to have some documentation
My friend is using a pair of Lumley mono blocks to drive the original VR4 speakers and using an original Conrad Johnson pre amp from the 1970's.Talk about retro sound.
I can't remember the model number of his Lumleys, but they use 4 KT88's a side and have beautifully engraved casework which almost looks like it's made of smoked glass.
I sold him one of his 2 sets of Grant Lumley amps that were very nice sounding el34 amps which he was running biamped on the VR4's before he got the bigger amps.
I was told the great Lumley sound was because they used(sowter?)great transformers.
Enjoy them, they keep on running year after year.
I just got a pair of Ray Lumley M-100 monoblocks and I'm interested in getting the manual and schematic, especially the schematic. If anyone has one and could e-mail me that would be greatly appreciated. romobud@yahoo.com
hi do you still have a schematic of the m100 lumley amps if so could i have one
Dear Sir,

A friend of mine gave me a pair of RL m100 and it is using 220V~ I would like to know how to change it to work with 117V~ so I need a schematic and manual. Do you still have a schematic of the m100 lumley amps? if so, could you please email me one.

Thank you.

Quoc Ngo
My friend with the M75 Lumley has had one amp shut down.
Before that he had some crackling,static sounds,then silence.
We checked all the tubes and they were fine, but the 500MA fuse is toast.

I've been trying to source a schematic or manual for him,but no luck,which seems par for the course.

If anyone has a manual or schematic and could send a copy , please contact me, as I would like to help my friend out and get the music playing again.
This string is all very old but I just purchased a pair of Lumley M100 Monoblocks and I was hoping to find a manual and perhaps a schematic and any other info someone might have.  I was very very impressed with the sound when I "test drove" them.  Looking forward to many years listening enjoyment!