Raw Acoustics HT3 vs. VA Mozart Grand vs. Tyler 7u

Hi Everyone - I currently have the Norh Marble 7.1 monitors but I'm looking for a floor standing speaker. I love my Norh but I want more bass response. I actually baught the VA Mozart Grand but ended up returning due to I wanted more of a detailed dynamic clear sound and bigger soundstage. I compared them to the Norh and I felt along with some others people that the Norh beat it out. Anyways, I like the HT3 and Tyler 7Us but I wanted to get opinons on these as I have never heard them.

Norh ACA preamp
Norh 100W LeAmp Monoblocks
Anthem CD1
Silver interconnects from preamp to Monoblocks

Also in the market of an amp.

Don't want to sound rude, but what makes you think that you like HT3 or Tyler 7U?

Since you've not heard them, its a huge gamble to buy speakers without listening to them first. If you don't want to fall into the cycle of buying and selling, you are better off listening to them first at some place. Or buy them with a 30day money back assurance. I'm sure Al (RAW acoustics) or Ty (Tyler acoustics) will accommodate you. I've bought speakers from both, and can vouch for them.

7U uses seas magnesium woofer with revelator tweeter, while HT3 uses CSS full range woofer mated with a ribbon tweeter. So the sonic signature of both these speakers will be vastly different.

Hope this helps.
Cocophonix - You are not being rude. I agree with you. I should of been more clear. I meant I like what I have read about them and how they look. I like the revelator tweeter as that is what is in the Norh.

I chose these 3 speakers based on size because that is what will fit in my room and what I have read about them. BUT I didn't realize the sonics would vastly differ.

Thanks for the reply.
I can only speak to the 7Us -nice wide soundstage, good across the range, non-fatiguing ;driving mine with 100wpc Portal Panache integrated. Don't disagree that it is always better to listen beforehand but in todays market that's not easy to do. I purchased the 7Us and Linbrook System 2s (driving those with Plinius 8200 175 wpc) and haven't looked back. Doesn't mean that will work for you, just stating my experience. Might want to check on Tys site for the list of folks who might agree to a demo in their home and see if anyone is near you. Good luck