Raven vs. Verdier La Platine

Have always liked the ideas that go with the Verdier but am also very impressed with the Raven. Has anyone comparted these very different turntables? What did you find/
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Platine for me, no question.
RAVEN AC1 is best well built sounds wonderful with RAVEN 10.5 arm and Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge.I have had many tables am using battery power supply and feet from Black Knight.
Richard from Analogmagik has both and prefers the La Platine moreover his Raven. Hence he ended up with 2  La Platine in his audio room.
I also agree with rauliruegas. Either turntable will do fine with the one caveate that you should avoid the Raven Black Night. All belts stretch to some degree. The longer they get the more stretch you get. There is no advantage in three motors worth using a belt that long. With modern electronics a single motor can be extremely accurate. If it is not you want a different turntable. It is the arm and cartridge that are going to make or break the performance. A good arm should have neutral balance and the vertical bearing at record level. Examples of arms that meet these criteria are; the Kuzma 4 Points, The Reed 2G and 5T, The Schroder CB and the Tri-Planar. There may be others that I have not seen. Believe it or not the megabuck SAT arm does not. It is a static balance arm which means the VTF changes with elevation and the vertical bearing is high above the record leading to increased levels of warp wow. As for cartridges that depends on what you like but you can mount just about any modern cartridge on any of these arms with perhaps the addition of some mass in some cases. I personally do not like either the Grandezza or Raven tonearms as they do not meet the above criteria. I also believe like Michael Fremer that the optimum length for a tonearm is 9 to 10 inches. Less inertial moment is more important than less tracking error. It is advantageous to use the lowest mass setup that is practical. Which means staying away from cartridges with very low compliance and tanker truck tonearms. In addition Additional contacts in the tonearm cable system should be avoided which disqualifies arms with removable head shells and connection blocks on the output side. There should be one wire cartridge to phono stage. Magnetic antiskating is a nice feature as it avoids additional friction. IMHO and that of others, a tonearm should have a solid two axis bearing system. 
New turntables are always a blast, have fun!
This was 12 years ago. One hopes the OP survived the pandemic and made his decision long ago before that. But I would point out to any remaining audience for this thread that there is in fact a good rationale for two belts versus one belt. (I agree with Mijo about 3 belts.) Two belts or two motors driving a single belt, where the motors are situated 180 degrees apart, will ameliorate the side force on the bearing and bearing shaft that is inevitable with any one-belt design.