Raven vs primaluna integrated amplifiers

I have a pair of tannoy XT6F’s and I’m looking to pair them with a tube amplifier. I was originally looking at the primaluna evo 100 or 200 but the idea of spending that kind of money on a product made in China turns me off a bit. I recently looked into raven audio’s nighthawk mk3 and it’s definitely got me intrigued. Any thoughts or input on this pairing would be awesome. I’m open to other suggestions as well. I’d like to stay under $3000.
thank you
As for why Texas is related to better sound quality, this is a head
scratcher. Maybe if we were discussing live stock.
Everything is bigger in Texas. And we are proud of our republic here in Texas. Unlike you and your ilk.

Also rarely do you ever see a Raven listed here on Agon, US Audio-mart or EBay. But tones of PL gear in the used market.

people buy Raven Audio and keep it.

Have to wonder if you ever even auditioned a Raven?
Sure @glow_worm sure.
I received my Raven Nighthawk on January 14th. The communication with Raven before and since my order has been first rate. Any questions you may have James or Bryant will be glad to answer. I haven't had the pleasure to speak to Dave Thompson yet, but looking forward to the opportunity. 
   As for the Nighthawk. What a wonderful sounding amp. Beautiful, solidly built and comes with NOS tubes. Very engaging. Can't say anything about your speakers, but 9 o'clock is about as loud as I normally have the volume with my Klipsch Heresy IV speakers. They recently upgraded to Cardas connections and a few other improvements without raising the price. 
  No experience with PL but if I can support an American company, that's what I do. A 45 day return window for their products spells confidence to me.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Texas fan, particularly now that its no longer a part of Mexico. 

The op asked for advice. What he got from you is Raven is the BEST because you happen to own it. Typical. 

“Ilk”...good grief. 
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Ozzy 62 , +1.
@skypunk, you make a strong case citing various American manufacturers who do manage to make quality audio products at competitive cost to Primaluna. In particular Quicksilver tends tends to be overlooked in this price segment.