Raven turntable owners:oiling & what type?

It seems the instructions for oiling the axle/bearing/bearing well indicate a very small amount of oil. I've found extra oil is needed to allow the platter to be more smoothly laid into place and lifted off for cleaning and re-oiling. Too little, and things dry out. What has been your experience with this, and do any of you use a brand or type of oil different from that supplied by TW Acustic? If so, how does it compare regarding effectiveness?
Since you aren't approaching Jeff C with this question I assume you bought used? Anyway, TW now uses a heavier lube which is sort of yellow in color and in a plastic squeeze bottle. It should last quite a while and of course the amount of TT use time will determine how often to lube. I use mine about 15 hrs each week and I lube once every 4 months. There was a spray lube in a metal canister a few years ago which TW shipped with their tables and it was quite light in viscosity and I found this to dry up if not Re-lubed every 5 or 6 months. If your TT is new, you will find the fit of the platter over the bearing to be very tight and you will be tempted to use more grease than recommended. This will ease over time and use as the bearing and platter thrust plate get acquainted.
Thanks Elinor. I did originally purchase new from Jeff, and previously raised the same point with him on how much oil should be used. He indicated no problem with using more oil if desired. You confirmed my experience of the very tight fit of the platter over the bearing, and I thank you for mentioning "This will ease over time and use as the bearing and platter thrust plate get acquainted". This was my main concern. Though I too have the yellow oil in the plastic squeeze bottle, I am curious whether any others have found success and satisfaction using a different brand/type with their Raven[s].
I'm using the supplied yellow oil in the squeeze bottle from TW. I have found I am using it every 6-9 months or so. I have never noticed a 'need' to use it as nothing appears to be drying up but asked Jeff at one point and he said around twice a year was good. I think in another thread someone asked Thomas at TW and he said one a year. I personally have found the supplied oil to work just fine.
I have an original or fairly early model Raven One supplied with Teflon oil spray. Photos of recent models show a round bearing as opposed to my flat one. Also my bearing "fit" seems quite "loose" to me, compared to other turntables I have tried., Maybe the new heavier lube would be better for me. Anyone have any knowledge or experience here? Thanks.

You don't indicate if you purchased the TW new or used. Either way, if the fit of your platter to bearing is very loose it could be the result of having been played dry with insufficient lube for long periods of time. While the new heavier lube now being used by TW could be of some help because of its heavier viscosity I would advise you to contact Jeff Catalano at High Water Sound and discuss it with him.
The UK distributor, suggests a 6 monthly relube, which seems reasonable. That reminds me to do it again. I have never seen any reason to try another and would'nt on principle. If that is what the manufacturer recommens, that is good enough for me, particular when that person is Thomas, who seems to take scrupulous care over all aspects of his tables.
Thanks Elinor. My post came out poorly worded/edited. Fir some reason my Username and Password were not recognized at the time I tried to post.

My bearing is not defective, but a "loose" fit with the platter, compared to other high quality turntables I have encountered.

I have already asked Jeff about the new oil for my original bearing, thinking my post above had not been accepted. He recommended a retrofit of the new bearing/spindle.

I would like to hear from anyone who has changed to the new bearing.
Ianlane, I'm not certain what you are saying. I never indicated that I thought you had a faulty bearing. I only thought if you had run your TT dry for a long time it could have worn down and hence your loose fit. TW designs and manufactures to a very high standard so a new bearing should work just fine.
Hi Elinor, Sorry for any confusion. I bought my Raven One new, directly from TW. I have cleaned and re-lubed the bearing every six months or so ever since. I have been very happy with the performance of the turntable as a whole.

Compared to something like the original Teres bearing for example the original Raven bearing seems to be a "looser" fit. From the OP comments above it appears that the fit of the new Raven bearing is quite "snug".

I did not think the new bearing/spindle assembly could be easily retrofitted to older Raven Ones - hence my original query just about the new oil. Evidently this is not the case. Jeff Catalano describes the change as "dramatic" - a strong descriptor from Jeff who is honest to a fault and not given to hyperbole. So I am interested to read of any end users' experiences with this change.

Thanks again for your comments. They are much appreciated.
Ianlane, I don't own your TT. I have a Raven which is close to Anniversary status. My bearing is still a pretty snug fit after 5 years of heavy rotation. Obviously there is something more going on with your table. I think Jeff and Thomas can be trusted. Neither one of them as you say makes unjust claims regarding performance of their products.
I will soon be taking delivery of a new Black Night platter option for my original Raven AC. I have an early version of the AC. The upgrade I assume will be two fold. One, a new bearing developed for the Black Night, and second the extra mass of the copper platter. I will provide everyone here with a brief description of the improvements.
I heard the new platter option at the past RMAF. The whole system was impressive to say the least.
I have the single motor only. At least for now. I will eventually get the triple motor unit.
Pcosta, and I purchased the 3 motor pod which was a huge step forward. A friend who also owns a Raven came over to play a couple of records and we switched out the single motor with the triple and he purchased the triple in an email he sent to Jeff from my living room. That's how startling the difference is. That is why I'm curious about the all copper platter.
I unfortunately know how good it is. For me the new platter has the new bearing as well. My table is from 2006. I have always lusted for the BN platter, then it became an optional upgrade. So that for me was the better move.
What arm and cart do you use with your AC.

Current Tri P and new transfiguration Proteus.

Which footers are you using?

I have recently purchased after audition the new HRS stainless heavy Weight. Really a step up from no weight IMO.
I would be interested in your impressions on the Proteus. What did you use before the Proteus.

I have the Black Night feet. I am not sure if it is an upgrade of not.

I heard the aluminum HRS weight on my TW and I thought is was very good for the money they want for it. Good to see you found something you like. I stopped trying those things after I got my Shun Mook LP clamp.
I have not heard the SM in my system. I did hear it in a friend's system who has an Anniversary. It sounded good but at its price I couldn't tell you it isn't silly money. Glad it sounds good for you however.

The proteus is a much better cartridge than the Orpheus. Lower noise floor, much more transparent, much faster, and still possesses the natural leading edges of the Orpheus. Amazing how in one generation they make it sound so much better. If you are considering it be advised its output is only .2mv.

I use the SP ultra footers with bases. Very very good and much better than the original SPs. Never heard the TW feet in my system. Table and motor sit on a Symposium Quantum Sig. Motor controller sits separately on Symposium Roller Block 2s with 2.5 Tungsten carbide balls and that on top of a symposium ultra shelf. The addition of these to the motor controller is an astonishing move.
Elinor, what is the diameter of the three motor unit? I have a very tight space. Did not see a number on the web site. Thanks.
Tdaudio, diameter is 8". Feet extend out to almost the same measurement so assume that is the footprint. The unit should sit as close to your Raven as possible without touching. The long belt is used. The feet are optimized for height with the BK feet on the TT I believe. Ask Jeff on that one.
Well the new to me Black Night platter and bearing was finally installed.
First everything is now more defined with more body, such as voices have more chest, bass has more texture, horns with more depth into the instrument. More impact, air and good decay into silences.
A logical upgrade. Improvements all around.