Raven One

I was curious what the feedback has been on the baby Raven turntable. I can't afford the Raven AC. Does anyone know the cost? If the laws of diminishing returns apply, this should have great performance.

thanks for looking.
My Raven One TT is everything the StereoMojo review describes and everything I could wish for in a TT.
I needed a TT which was compact enough to fit on my Hutter Racktime rack top shelf, light enough to move without backstrain, able to use 2 arms so I could use more than one cartridge at a time, and deliver the sound quality both myself and my system require. All this at a reasonable price. Tough order. I looked and listened and researched for a long time before ordering a Raven One.
This TT is frankly just terrific. Easy to set up even with two arms, solid build quality, high quality bearing, pleasing appearance, and sound quality far beyond it's price point.
I'm not going into a lengthy sonic description other than to say it's amazing.
My thanks to Jeff Catalano at Highwater sound for his professionalism and patience working with a new out of town customer. Great dealer who offers high quality service to his customers along with exceptional products.

I just wanted to post a follow up that getting the correct size Sistrum stand has really taken an already stellar sounding table to a new level. I had the SP-03 temporarily since the SP-1 was out of stock.

The Sistrum SP-03 was a nice improvement in speed and resolution over the stock Millenium feet, but the SP-1 takes this to a new level. The bass foundation has become much more solid. Even tics and pops sound different, like they are archored. I am getting better imaging as well, and my speakers "dissapear" better now.

I believe they offer a 30 day trial. If you have a Raven One (other tables may benefit as well) I strongly suggest you try the SP-1 now they have them in stock. I'd love to get other owners reactions to hear if they get the major improvement I have gotten.

Not sure what size might be needed on a Raven AC though. I know TW Acustic recommends Stillpoints, which I have not compared but I believe that they provide some suspension while the Sistrum is pure mechanical grounding. I have mine sitting on a 1" slate (as TW suggests) Also keep in mind my preference is to have no mat or clamp, as they dull the sound in my system too much.

I removed the Stillpoints once I had an isolation stand. I put them back as the improvement is substantial. I highly recommend it. It is more of the same benefits as your isolation stand.

what stand were you using? I think the Sistrum is not isolation but meant to act as a mechanical ground for vibration. Are you using just plain Still points or their full triangular stand?
I am using a Machina Dynamica stand incorporated into a soundanchor stand. I have photos of it in my system. It is something easily done and resulted in a great sonic improvement for me. I am just using Stillpoints. Basically some isolation on top of my stand.