Raven One

I was curious what the feedback has been on the baby Raven turntable. I can't afford the Raven AC. Does anyone know the cost? If the laws of diminishing returns apply, this should have great performance.

thanks for looking.

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I just decided on the Raven AC. See the thread Brinkman Balance Comparisons.
Good choice Emailists...go for it. Ducatrider, I have a Raven on order (will be installed on the 17th of this month) and I must say that I am quite anxious for it to arrive.
I have heard form others that the Raven One is quite close to the Raven AC in performance at half price.

P.S. Jeff is great to work with.

P.P.S. Larry, yea I have th Tri-Planer installed but will also order a Schroder Ref .
I don't think so??? Call Jeff, he'll know.
Hi T.W. I assume. you are the T.W. who designed my new (this Saturday to be installed by Jeff) A.C. Raven. I'm quite excited!!

Rick (RWD)
Good luck Emailist! Keep us posted!