Raven One

I was curious what the feedback has been on the baby Raven turntable. I can't afford the Raven AC. Does anyone know the cost? If the laws of diminishing returns apply, this should have great performance.

thanks for looking.

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Hi emailists, in deciding to go for the Raven One, did you compare it with the Raven AC? I am contemplating between the two but will not get the chance to compare side by side.
Many thanks.

Thank you for the link, this helps a lot.

I have the same issue as you, having a 50kg turntable and its dimension represents a challenge. The cabinet to house the turntable has not been made yet, so whatever I order will dictate the shape and foundation of this cabinet. Most likely I will make a decision next week, currently my decision swings from the AC to One every few days.

Looks like the Vivid tonearm is made by Jelco, a South African audio website reported that. From the Jelco website, they look similar to my eyes.

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David Chang