Raven One Motor Noise Problem

I've just received my Raven One and have not played an LP because I'm waiting to get my amp back from CJ.

When it's quiet in my room, I can hear the motor when standing in front of the TT at 33rpm...Not noisy but audible. When I switch the speed to 45rpm it's dead silent but the noise comes back switching to 33.

Has anyone experienced this with their Raven?
I certainly can not hear anything at either speed, on mine. I suggest you ask the US importer, I understand he is very helpful and the company is very supportive too.
Has anyone experienced this with their Raven?
- Kennythekey -

Mine is totally dead silent 33rpm or 45
I use a normal pc AC power cord
Thanks guys, that's what I thought. I'm in contact now with the importer and we're checking it out. I'll let you know the outcome.
'exchange it 'now'....do not accept an offer to fix it....
Thanks Jaybo, do you own the TT and have had a similar experience?

The offer to exchange the motor has already been made but I had a strange experience. After sticking a Vibrapod under the Stillpoint foot for the motor the noise went away. When it's quieter later this evening, I was going to check up on this to see if it's the motor or a resonating issue with the newer Stillpoints. Curious.


I just read your post. It sounds like you have your motor on the Stillpoints. The Stillpoints are to go only under the turntable. Please clarify. The motor should have adjustable feet that allow you to balance the motor perfectly and have rubber. If you place the motor on stillpoints of course you will have some vibration. A motor needs to be on a fixed mount.
Hi Dgad...

No, the TT has three OEM Stillpoint feet under it's base with one foot being under the motor. The motor is not separate from the base like the Raven Two. The feet have changed during the history of the Raven One, these being a Stillpoint variation without the normal ceramic bearing as the point.

The table with the Stillpoint feet sits on a slate platform that is one of the recommended platforms for this table. The feet are adjusted just slightly loose which is a recommendation from some Raven owners as well as the Stillpoint manufacturer.

The manufacturer of the table is questioning if the sound is coming form the motor since the Vibrapod I placed under the foot removes the noise.

I am trying to ascertain if the sound is from the motor or perhaps a resonation caused by an interaction between the motor-foot-platform.
Got you. Let us know how it works out
i do not own a raven, but can speak to you as a consumer of high end who has been burned years ago with a goldmund studio table. it cost a fortune...had a problem.....rather than immediately exhanging, i accepted a repair, which began a long string of repairs and adjustments. when there's a problem 'out of the box' with any expensive high end piece, do not shoulder it yourself. its not you paid for....good luck.
Make sure thelocking nut on the stainless steel pully is fully tightened
Those are good words of wisdom Jaybo, and I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I'm currently going through a similar situation with another manufacturer but more on that later.

I'm working with the importer who is also the sole dealer in the U.S., and he immediately suggested an exchange. However, we no longer feel the motor is the direct cause since the noise disappears after a Vibrapod is placed under the foot. Instead, it may be a bad Stillpoint or an issue with the combination of materials I'm using for my shelf. So...more experimentation.

I'm no longer freaking out, and I know Jeff with High Water Sound (the importer) will do whatever it takes to make it right.
Without ever having seen a Raven One, but just from my past experience with turntable motors, I do not think that your experiment proves that your motor is OK. It would seem to me that the motor should not need a Vibrapod to make it quiet, and I don't see how a faulty Stillpoint could induce a noise, either. It's well and good that the Vibrapod ameliorates the problem, but I would still think you should opt for a replacement motor. If you then find that the same conditions persist with both motors, THEN you might blame things on the Stillpoint, etc. By the way, is there any noise when the motor is sitting on a bare shelf? But also, check Aoliviero's idea about the pulley, if you have not already done so. These are my bystander 2 cents worth of advice.
You have good points. The pulley's set screw is tight. What makes real sense is to move the table to another platform to see if there's noise.

Raven One owners, when you put your ear right up to the face of the Motor Control can you hear the tranformer. I was getting a slight buzz with it sitting on a wood shelf. I placed two TTRisers by TTWeights Audio under it and this completely eliminated the noise.
Update - I followed Lewm's lead (question) and moved the TT to my wood floor. "No noise."
This is a big shot in the dark. I don't have any experience
with your raven. But I did have a sme 20/2 with a noisy
motor at one point. Turns out I had been putting 2 drops
of oil in it over time vs one drop a year. I thought for
sure it was a bearing going out. Sme sent me some
instructions, 30 min later and a few q tips noise was gone..
Call Jeff at HIGHWATER SOUND he can fix the problem i never heard of a noisy RAVEN.
Ebm, Apparently you have never read Edgar Allen Poe. (Could not resist the opportunity for some levity.)
I have the Raven AC-3 and at one point I heard a noise which I located to one of the motors.
The pulleys on top of the motors are attached to the spindles via an Allen Key screw so I loosened this screw and pulled the pulley up slightly and re-tightened the screw.
No more noise.
It turned out that the pulley was pushed too far down the spindle and rubbed against the top of the motor casing as it turned?
An easy fix to try.
This noise is curious as my Raven is dead silent running right out of the box at 33 and 45 rpm.

I know how the majority of curriers would handle such a heavy item.
If your lucky a dolly was used through out the entire journey loading and unloading.

If at anytime it had to be physically picked up for any reason you can bet it was dropped from waist height to the ground so a dolly could be used.

Even though the packing is exceptional I believe ruff handling could and most likely would knock something out of spec.
Thanks everyone! As I mentioned, I'm working with Jeff at High Water Sound on this matter. When I put the table on my wood floor there is no motor noise, so the motor is dead quiet. Jeff thinks it's the materials composition of my surface and setup. He recommended trying a dab of Blue Tack under the Stillpoint feet.

I am curious if anyone owning a Raven can hear a slightly audible transformer buzz when your ear is up against the faceplate of the Motor Controller? Jeff told me that I would hear the tranformer (I do).

I eliminated the tranformer noise with TTRisers under the motor controller, but even so when I put the TT back on my slate/Target shelf I still get a barely audible noise that seems to emanate from under the table by the motor.
Personally I removed the OEM stillpoint feet from my raven ac-3 and use the standard rubber feet.
the rubber feet are a little more compliant with noise/freefall etc and IMO sound more natural - slightly more bass weight.


I damp my motor controller case with Soundcoat and added a layer of ERS paper. Quiets it down a bit and the sound seems a bit smoother. Have you tried changing your shelf material? I use a Black Diamond Racing Shelf for the Source mounted on a Target TT1 frame.
If i put my ear very close to the external motor controller case like 1cm away, i can just hear a very faint noise.

As for the motor noise itself, i have no problem.
Thank you all for being so forthright...this really helps.

What's important is how the damn thing sounds, and the motor noise is barely audible at this point. I've been nit-picking, worrying, prodding, and I haven't even heard the table with my new Tron Seven and Shilabe.

If the platform is wrong I will hear it. Let you know when that happens and many thanks.
Kennythekey - I use to have a Target wall mount unit and if I remember correctly there were metal standoffs that screw into the metal frame of the Target. There are then pointed ends of standoffs that sit against stainless steel insets on the standard MDF shelf. From your post it appears you have replaced the MDF with slate. If this is correct, then one question immediately comes to mind - do you still have the standoffs screwed into the Target frame and then have the slate placed on top of the spiked end?

I was always having problems with the standoffs with my Target stand causing vibration of the shelf when my turntable was running at 33 RPM since the TT motor caused sympathetic vibration of the shelf. I ended up removing the standoffs and using sorbothane between my shelf and the Target wall mount and the shelf no longer vibrated.

From what you say I do not believe there is a motor problem. 33RPM would present one resonant frequency and 45 RPM another. From the sounds of your post it seems there is an issue with the Target/slate/standoffs resulting in a resonant frequency that is presenting itself as a “noisy motor” at 33RPM.

I would suggest experimenting with the Target and slate shelf (without the standoffs) to address the issue and leave the remainder of the Raven set-up alone - since Thomas put significant engineering work into the Raven design over many years to get the best music to your ears. (-:
Thanks for your input Dg_bond. I feel that this may be the case as well with one exception. I replaced the Target screws with brass audio points that are inverted so same deal...they point up.

I'm still using the Target screws but as the studs for the audio points. This allows me to level the slate shelf with the audio points so I don't have to use the Stillpoint feet.

I have no right to talk physics but it just seems like my design is flawed even though I ran it by a couple of people in-the-know and they thought I'd be just fine. For example, it would seem that I'm trapping energy in the slate shelf and it's resonating.

Anyway, if I abandon the audio points I would like to find a leveling solution with whatever dampening material I use.
With the help from others, I have resolved the so-called noise problem in my Raven One. Actually, this was not the Raven's problem at all.

After putting an MDF shelf under my existing slate shelf that the Raven sits on, the motor is dead quiet...not a peep.

The problem was caused by the creation of standing waves due to my platform configuration. I will figure out a new leveling system and do away with the inverted audio points.

Thanks to all!
Nice to hear of the problem resolution.

Now that's sorted, can you tell us a bit more about the Miyajima Shilabe cartridge you'd mentioned many a moon ago? What arm did you decide on in the end?
Have you got your Shilabe yet Jasper?
Yes . Running it in very slowly , may be just under 20 hour as of last night. I noted substantial improvement at 10 hour and it's continuing to improve.
Jaspert is already ahead of me because I finally got my power amp back from repair...it took twelve weeks. I'm debating whether or not to blast the manufacturer over the net waves.

I'm coming up on ten hours but noticed great improvement after a few hours. Remember, my Tron Seven and Raven are brand new as well so things started out a bit hard and constrained. That changed quickly, and the system has opened up and is getting soulful.

Sorry guys, but I have no apples to compare the Shilabe to as my last cartridge was a Grado Sonata on a SOTA.

I will say that I've never had sound like this, and was recently blown away by Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall. Hearing and saying that there are improvements to the sound in every imaginable area, yes, what's more defining for me is that the system has completely changed in its ability to emotionally deliver the goods.

Oh yea...I'm using my existing SME 309 arm. It's hard for me to imagine further break-in improvements yet to come, and more so from a better arm. Wow...more fun ahead.
I was hoping you could tell me what's ahead with more hours logged. Anyway I'm glad you are finally enjoying your long awaited new setup. Expect the sound to become more alive and fleshed out. :)
You were right on Jaspert, I hit the 10 hour point or something like that and wow...just like that I've got a brand new killer system. Cheers