Raven Blackhawk LE... am I going to be disappointed?

Only reason I ask is because it will be pushing Salk Veracity Ht2-TL’s...  Im coming off a Belles Aria, which was fantastic, but wanted to try something different.  My concern is the low wattage of the Raven and low sensitivity of the salks, but my Belles 75 watts sounded better than 3 other nice 225 watt integrateds.  
So, anyone with experience with the Raven Blackhawk LE pushing somewhat low sensitivity speakers chime in and let me know.  

You all are so wrong....

LoL, just kidding!  So Im jamming out to some borrowed cheapo pair of Klipsh’s right now... 97db-100db sensitivity...  

The Salks are listed for sale now and are awesome speakers, Im just onto a different route now.  High efficiency speakers #1, analogue source coming up..

Pair that Raven up with Moab, you will not believe. Not even. Seriously. Your amp is way better than mine, and if you heard mine you would freak. When I say way better, talking with Dave Thompson it turns out he had my same amp. He said nice little amp, nothing wrong with it, sounds real good. But it sounds flat and dull next to a Raven. So there you go. 
Reading through this thread it seems that speaker sensitivity was mentioned and another member had some badly paired speaker’s for the Raven.

Just saying.


@b_limo so what was the final assessment of the 20 watt Raven with the Salks? What was lacking? It went from sounds good and loud enough to Salks for sale pretty quickly. Not a great match on paper so not shocked but would like to know your thoughts.
Ditto, mapman.

I’m pleased that you found your tube amp.
Regarding subwoofer, what brand is it?