Raven Audio Shaman or Silhouette MkII Monoblocks, pre-amps or others in Raven line....

Has anyone here had direct listening experiences with these reference models from Raven Audio or
any others in their Elite or Avian line? I'm considering these models and have heard only great things
from those who have heard them and in some cases written about them at various shows.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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We worked with Raven at the last New York Audio Show. The Raven gear sounded fantastic and it was beautifully built

The only issue with Raven is Raven, as they are currently factory direct, there are very few people who have compared Raven to any of the other contenders, so the real issue of how they perform is still relatively unknown when compared to Prima Luna, Cary Audio, CJ, Vac, or an of the zillion other great tube companies out there.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Which amp were you looking at?
Shaman Mk2s and Silhouette pre-amp....

Giving some serious thought to taking in some SOTA tube gear (amplifiers & preamplifier) in and try an entirely new presentation to feed the R1s...could be very interesting and I'm getting psyched up just at the thought of it :-) !!!

As the TAD R1s can be biamped, another variant I would try for which I've received advice in the past is great tubes on the top-end and great solid state for the bass....interested in anyone's thoughts on both pure-tube and the mixed amp scenario.
I sure wish I had seen this or heard directly from you back when this first occurred, because you would have had a set of Raven Audio Shaman or Silhouette MK2 Monoblocks in your livingroom to use and compare against all others within a couple of weeks of contacting me had you asked.

I would be more than happy for you to compare all others to them at any time.  If you are still interested please just email me: dave@ravenaudio.com
Will do,...we had tried to hook up previously for this earlier in the year thanks to Bill D. connecting us but your schedule and my travel schedule did not allow me to meet up with you. I'd like to try again later in the year and will reach out to you when ready. Thanks!

Contact Dave Thomson at Raven Audio. He has been the US Distributor for quite some time. Always love listening to Raven separates at the audio shows.