Raven Audio/nighthawk or Osprey

I recently purchased a Microzolt MZ2 as a pre-amp and had a Schiit Vidar amp connected. After a few hrs. The Vidar started blinking, after trouble shooting the Vidar indicated it was High D/C offset. LTA took the MZ 2 back but said it wasnt their equipment and offered to refund me the money (which i did). Now im looking for another pre-amp but this time i may just go with an integrated amp/preamp.  Anyone have suggestions or have experience with Raven Audios Nighthawk or Osprey? 
PS, Dave, owner of Raven Audio said they are announcing The Nighhawk MKIII in a few weeks, anyone else hear about this news?
It seems quite a few folks have had trouble with Vidars. Are you sure it's not the amp?
I can't speak for the Nighthawk or Osprey as I have the Raven Integrated Reflection MK2.  I can tell you that it is outstanding.  Mine delivers close to 73 wpc and drives my Sonus Faber Speakers like a symphony.  Dave Thomson is a super guy who has some of the best tubes out there.  He also totally stands behind his product.  I am hoping he can build me a 100 wpc amp later in the year.  You will be super happy if you decide on Raven.  
To answer helomech/willgolf, i did contact Schiit and since the Vidar is under warranty (only a few months old) i am shipping it back to be check out... Also, Dave of Raven Audio answered a few emails from me and i was impressed with his follow thru. His responses were personalized and in depth and he seemed to be impassioned with his products, ideas and goals. I don't think many owners (if any) would take the time to draft a lengthy and personalized email to answer a question on an entry level product. After the Vidar is given a clean bill of health you just may see it on eBay... I understood Dave to say his is going to announce the arrival of the Nighthawk III in a few weeks.... Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, its super Dave.. come on guys, that was funny..        
I have yet to come across a negative opinion of Raven Audio gear. I doubt you can go wrong with that choice unless you have very inefficient speakers.

As for customer service, Parasound is also excellent. I've received thorough replies direct from Richard Schram, during the weekend.
mrdon - if you wanted a significant upgrade from the Nighthawk or Osprey, I might be amenable to selling my Reflection.  The only reason I would do that is I would have Dave build me a new one with more power.  
Willgolf/ I am afraid your reflection is probably out of my range.. 
Hang in there Will, I am working on a solution for you.  Unfortunately the Mirage Integrated will not be out of development until next year.  (If you can't open the link go to our Raven Audio Facebook page and scroll down to Dec. 5th). 

It will feature a bank of KT150's and push out approximately 150 watts it looks like.  It's proving to be a rather difficult beast to tame though, and I want our Raven Audio amps to all have that great openness and delicacy as opposed to brute force.  So we are currently working on that.  She's going to also be a completely different style chassis from the current Raven Audio stuff. 

Start working out, she looks to weigh in at about 140#~!  Since the cables come in at 45 degree angles its easier to put her against the back wall too.  A better design for a better amp, if you love power.

Which Sonus Faber speakers do you have that the Raven Integrated drives well?  Curious, because I always read that SF speakers need a ton of power to drive well.  
djfst - I have the latest version of the SF Amati Homage Tradition.  I have a super large room.  My normal power on the Raven Reflection is just above the 1/4 point ( like 10 o'clock on a watch).  The reason I want more power is to support the great Raven sound at lower levels.  My wife thinks I play the music to loud.  LOL

Watersidedave...thanks for the update.  I was just going to email you.  My Reflection is still purring like a cat!