Raven Audio Nighthawk MK3

Well, I finally did it. After about two years and looking at Vincent, Primaluna, Leben, Rogue, I decided to buy the Raven Audio Nighthawk. I've had it for about a week. Running NOS RCA Clear top tubes in preamp front besides the rest stock. My speakers are Klipsch Lascala II, Yamaha CD player S2100, Uturn Orbit turntable with Ortofon Blue, Cambridge Audio phono preamp, Tellurium Q cables/interconnects. Interested? Having already played several of my favorite Cd's and LP's I have been amazed, shocked, stunned, mesmerized, I'm running out of words. Probably a tad less expensive than I was planning to spend. My wife had tears of rapture as she heard her favorite Pink Martini CD. She asked, "How can it be this much better?" It is completely blowing me away. Power? Seems to have more than my previous 175 RMS at a mere 20 watts! Bass is so right before I added the Sunfire sub (HRS10) I've decided to leave it out. I really believed LaScalas couldn't do real bass. Wrong, Curious to hear more? 
In answer to how I arrived at the Raven Nighthawk 1) Made in USA 2) Crazy good reviews 3) Total upgrade value within year (Or immediate refund) Primaluna, Leben, and Line Magnetic are made overseas. NOW I know that the personal service from Raven Audio in Texas is way above and beyond anything I've ever experienced from any dealer or audio manufacturer. These guys at Raven really care and help on a level which is simply unbelievable. Klipsch heritage line are hyper sensitive. When I first hooked everything up I had hum. My router, phone, and modem were are way too close to the amp. Once moved all was well. The tech called me to talk about the situation. Offered to ship back. Since then the owner Raven Dave has helped me get tubes, James has called, Bryant calls...Do Raven....these LaScala are totally blowing me away. (No subs necessary any more) Paul Klipsch would be proud....my Mullard preamp tubes up front are truly miraculous. Thanks Raven Dave....  
As to bass bypass... just follow the overly simple instructions in manual EXCEPT do NOT trying switching it back and forth while amp is on. TURN OFF before changing setting. The manual does say this but it bears repeating. With Raven off, and connect your sub(s), set bypass to on and the bass signal is bypassed through raven main speakers to bass sub unit, then turn on Raven.  This relieves the amp from having to amplify those demanding lower frequencies and saves your power for mains. The lower frequencies are filtered from mains into sub(s) only. The Raven Nighthawk 20 watts will allow Klipsch LaScalas to be able to blast into rock concert volume WITHOUT using the bypass feature. (Not exaggerating at all!) Plenty of headroom. LaScala's are very low distortion at low volumes by the way. Saves ears!
I ordered mine a week ago,can’t wait to hear it at home.
Hopefully it will pair well with my Goldenear Triton 2+ .
@gregoriomtb16. No worries you will love it. Raven is building great gear. I have the Blackhawk, CeLest towers and Soniquil cables all around. I am in audio bliss.

Hear the music not your gear.

@gregoriomth16.  I have Triton 2’s as well and am looking at the nighthawk as an upgrade.  If you don’t mind, let me know how the nighthawk pairs with the tritons or if I need to start speaker shopping... Cheers!