Raven Audio Nighthawk Break in time period

We've all heard opinions about break in time for amps, tubes, speakers, cables, etc. Depending on item, I've heard differences where one sweet evening everything just seems to transcend the sum of the parts. The first day I hooked up my new Nighthawk I knew I clearly heard big improvements. Nevertheless, my wife said from the kitchen , "It sounds about the same to me!" Yesterday, after a week plus of hours of spinning discs, my wife shouted from her office, "Wow! It sounds like he's right in the living room.!" The jazz bass guitar was special but something had clearly happened. The tenor of the instrument was real. edgy, grainy in a live sort of way. A profound realism I'd never heard in my system before. (Neither had my wife) I played her favorite Pink Martini album and she had both goose bumps and tears in her eyes. She said, "I don't know how it can sound so much better!" For all those who have to pass audiophile upgrades pass your 'financial advisor' (i.e. wife) this upgrade at a little over $3000 was a big hit once home. No regrets and no negative after purchase sarcasm. Refreshing difference! 

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I appreciate the high fives. If we all get quarantined with Covid-19 I have 1000 CD's to review. That's one thing I especially like about getting an system upgrade of this magnitude...its like hearing my favorite music freshly again. And even better with this set up, tube rolling opens up new horizons anytime I want!