Raven Audio Nighthawk

So the scuttlbutt on the Raven integrated amps is pretty good. But just how good are they? Are they good when compared to other comparably priced tube integrateds? Or are they better than some heavy hitters?

I currently have a NOSvalves ST-45 amp paired with a Don Sachs Model 2 (latest version) preamp and I am extremely happy with this pairing. With that said, I guess there is nothing really that I'm looking to improve. But since we all know how this game goes, I just wonder how much better (or not) the Blackhawk III would be. Consolidating two pieces down to one chasis is an attractive idea too.

I would love to hear from you if you own a Nighthawk or Blackhawk or have auditioned one against something else. I know they offer a 45 day trial period, but from my calculations if I don't like it it will cost me close to 400.00 out of pocket once the dust settles. So I'd like to go into this with a warm fuzzy that it's pretty darn good.


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No Raven yet. And communicating with them these days doesn't seem to be as easy as days gone by. I'll leave it at that.
My only dissatisfaction with Raven was the dearth of communication from the time I ordered my amp till the time I received it, which admittedly I became increasingly frustrated with as time went on. As previously mentioned, those concerns disappeared once I finally did receive my amp in good working order. This may be a weak spot in an otherwise exemplary company. Perhaps they could stand more help than just primarily James coordinating everything as they grow.
The Blackhawk for sale on Audiomart is definitely skypunk. His first name is Jeff and if you read his Audiomart feedback the name Jeff is mentioned. Looking at his virtual system you see some Simaudio Moon gear. Looking at his Audiomart feedback you will see the same piece of Moon gear mentioned. He also sold a Rega RP8 and if you go to the Raven website and look at customer reviews of the Celest' Towers you will see the Rega. He's the one who flipped out because they sent him the tweeter waveguide for the Corvus instead of the Celest'Towers. His name is also Jeff.
Wow... You guys are going to think I'm making this up. 

I had exactly the same issue with Raven regarding the lack of communication AFTER I made the purchase. 

disturbing set of data points emerging re raven - maybe not so much the amps but the small team of folks behind them -- suspect quality or at least poor packaging leading to amps being shipped and not surviving their trips unscathed

poor customer follow up is related but separate problem - these are indeed rough times for small companies, seems like raven is not immune to - still with the number of folks here citing communication issues now... not good...

hopefully as the pandemic stabilizes, the company will come back onto more solid footing in terms of responsiveness  (but then again, they are in texas... maybe slower there than other places for the pandemic to get under control)