Raven Audio Nighthawk

So the scuttlbutt on the Raven integrated amps is pretty good. But just how good are they? Are they good when compared to other comparably priced tube integrateds? Or are they better than some heavy hitters?

I currently have a NOSvalves ST-45 amp paired with a Don Sachs Model 2 (latest version) preamp and I am extremely happy with this pairing. With that said, I guess there is nothing really that I'm looking to improve. But since we all know how this game goes, I just wonder how much better (or not) the Blackhawk III would be. Consolidating two pieces down to one chasis is an attractive idea too.

I would love to hear from you if you own a Nighthawk or Blackhawk or have auditioned one against something else. I know they offer a 45 day trial period, but from my calculations if I don't like it it will cost me close to 400.00 out of pocket once the dust settles. So I'd like to go into this with a warm fuzzy that it's pretty darn good.


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A question for you, is there any hum issues?
Got word today that my Osprey is supposed to ship on Friday. Crossing my fingers that I won't have the hum problem that some others have had.


Your only problem will be a sleep disorder, staying up later and later night after night listening and listening to all your records over and over again. Eventually things will stabilize and you will be fine. But the outlook for the next several hundred hours after delivery is not good.
Great news, please keep us posted :-)

Interested ozzy62 in hearing your firsthand and objective assessment regarding the Osprey's musicality and if there are any hum issues or not.