Raven Audio Corvus Reference Monitors

Has anyone else heard these and fallen in love with them? I just bought some for my home theater/music system.

I have some electrostats and JL Audio Subs currently that I am going to sell along with a set of Apogee Stage speakers that are leaving to make room for the Corvus. The clarity is really something with these. I was previously deciding on Tekton Mini Ulfs or Legacy Aeris speakers. I really loved the Aeris speakers also. 

Anyway, wanted to get some feedback from others that have had the chance to hear these and what their impressions were. I was pretty blown away. I am in Houston so I was lucky enough to go listen to them at Raven Audio and see Dave Thomson again. He is a super class individual. 

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You made a great choice especially for the money.  The Aeris are twice the cost.   The Mini Ulf's are still very large.  I experienced the Double Impacts but not the Ulf's.  I heard the Corvus at James Connell's house who was the designer of the speakers.  They were awesome speakers and the finish on the speakers was fantastic..  I just ended up ordering a Viking Acoustic Grande Voix horn speaker but Corvus was a finalist for me.