Raven 20 watt needs Speakers

I have a Raven 20 watt tube amp and enjoying the sounds over solid state Marantz I owned.
Using Definitive Techogoly BP 8080 st speakers and believe I want to leave
Bi Polar world of speakers after having them 28 yrs (Had Mirage M-5 for 28 yrs ) .

So my room size 27'x14'x8'ceilings with hard wood floors and just put rubber pads under my speakers and that did get rid of floor vibration allowing speakers to have little more detail .

So looking for decent quality speakers and leading towards Focal Aria 936 or 948 but see watts rated 50 min on them and Raven at 20 wpc...
Any one use these on lower watt amp and get good results ??
Or any speaker with quality sound you would recommend for my room size ??

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After doing more research I am wondering if I should either stay with Definitive Technology  and go with STL speakers or Golden Ear.. I was trying to get away from powered woofers but with my low watt amp wonder?????
Any thoughts of you who have low powered tubes???
Have you spoke with Raven Audio? 
He's a straight shooter, and not just cause he's a Texan 😉
That amp would work well with a single driver horn. Not sure of your budget but take a look at Charney audio. I have a pair I was ginna use in a second system but unfortunately that isn't gonna happen right now.

Might provide plenty of bass with your amp and if not maybe add a sub or two down the road?
Yes I have spoken to Dave of Raven and they are introducing their own speakers and he is willing to send me a set..and I may do that end of summer..Just purchasing the tube amp and as of right now using Nighthawk until the Mark iii Blackhawks are completed and shipped.But I was just curious what others are using..So just ordering a Vanderhall Autocycle and purchasing the Raven Blackhawk I will need to wait till fall to purchase speakers for my over purchasing I just did..But like I said just seeing what others are using with low watt tube amps...And I am not a Bass person..I have my settings on 8080 speakers almost to maybe 10% volume ..
I met Dave in Tampa last month. I don't think they've named their speakers yet, but I heard 2 sets of them and they sounded good. I don't recall which amps or int amps they were using though.
Here's a link to the Enjoy the Music report that shows & names the Raven speakers
I know the cheaper name speakers are around 4k they. are called CeLest...All Raven People are all knowledgeable and very patient every time I talk to them..And I have rolled tubes in the Nighthawk and even with my 8080 speakers I hear so much more detail and musically than from the Marantz solid state and can not wait to hear the Blackhawk hopefully next month..Thank You for information, joe
Good move on speaking w Dave. I use and fancy Omega Speakers with tube amplification. They would probably work very well with his 20 watt amp as long as the dampening factor is low and you like the single driver sound. 
Well talking with Dave Thompson of Raven and Raven will have their own speakers out for the low watt Nighthawk and Blackhawk Amps called CeLest in late summer.. So I will be patient and wait for them to come out and give them a try ..He also said my Blackhawk Mk iii will ship end of April and looking forward to hearing the difference of it to Nighthawk I am using now..So will keep you posted on what I hear from all this step by step Raven equipment..
Should be very good synergy! Can't wait to hear