Ravel Violin Sonata

So I'm sitting here writing a paper about Winston Churchill, and listening to Ravel's Violin Sonata. I just thought I should mention what an astonishing work this is. I'm completely awed by the lyricism, intricacy, and sheer beauty of this piece. This is the epitome of Impressionism harkening back to Medievalism. Parts of this piece represent melodic modality at its best. Check out the Landini cadence at the end of the first movement.

And the second movement, for love of God, is bitonal. Yes, BITONAL! G and Ab at once. And it sounds like heaven. For anyone who thinks they hate any sort of "weird" classical music, I guarantee this will change your mind. Granted this isn't that weird, but it's not the mainstream rep.
Which performance are you listening to?
This is Anne Akiko Meyers, violin and Li Jian, piano.
Thanks. There's a good performance with Gil Shahan if memory serves.
I'd love to hear Shaham play this. Do you know who the pianist is?
I bet I'm not the only one in my neighborhood who doesn't have a clue what a Landini cadence is. I'm guessing it takes premium, though. You're right about this piece. I have a Philips Festivo (budget re-issue, I suppose) disc with Arthur Grumiaux and Istvan Hajdu, neither of whom generate much buzz in my neighborhood, either. Thanks for reminding me of it.
I can't for the life of me remember the piano. Another performance I like is the Shlomo Mintz, violin/Yefim Bronfman, p. on -- DG I think. Cheers