Ravel's Bolero

What CD has the best sound?
I can't lay claim to having heard all releases by any means, but among the probably 6-8 versions I've heard over the years, the MFSL Minnesota Orchestra/Skrowaczeski release is a sonic overachiever. Great dynamic range and beautifully recorded. Fine performance as well. I'm only familiar with the original cd release. I've not heard the hybrid SACD that is available now.
I have this version and it is very good.
Bolero on Telarc Records: Catalog #: CD80171
López-Cobos, Jesús - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
I second the choice by Photon46. If you must have only one Bolero, It should be the MFSL Minnesota Orchestra/Skrowaczeski
SACD # UDSACD 4002. The SACD is superior to the CD version.
Is this a tribute to Bo Derek? (in 10)
Nope serious question.
Personaly, I prefer Beck's Bolero, but that's just me!!