RAVE---Jeff Rowland Service

I can't speak higher enough about the service which Jeff Rowland consistently provides. On two recent occasions, my preamp and power amp have gone down. Jeff Rowland always fields calls pertaining to the service needed. My Model 1 amp was repaired in 1 week at a very reasonable charge. Before then my Consanance preamp was returned in just over a week at a cost of $85 labor to diagnose a damaged part.
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I have to chime in on this thread because I too have had fantastic service from Jeff whenever I have sent a piece to be inspected and when I have had questions about the operation of older equipment like the Consummate pre amp I owned for a second time around last year. We should bend over backwards to support Jeff as he is truly one of the kindest designers/manufacturers in the business and builds fantastic products. Good guys like Jeff deserve to finish first. Thanks for starting this thread; I don't know why I didn't.
JRDG is one of the few manufacturers that have limited their products to only amps and preamps. i'm no expert on their new digital-based amplifiers, but on all of their previous products the performance is (just about) as good as anything made anywhere regardless of price. i've never heard anyone say they DIDN'T like the sound of a Jeff Rowland piece of equipment, even when expressing "minor resevatations" about
(usually) a relatively unimportant feature or function. and the service is very good (from personal experiences) as well.
the only thing i regret is that, from owning a consummate preamp, i enjoy it so much that i'm not interested in upgrading to a synergy-2i, but would rather Jeff offer further improvements for the consonance and consummate.
and if i had ever been able to afford a model 8-tihc amplifier, i would probably never want to replace it either,
being one of the most beautiful looking and sounding amplifiers ever built. knock yourself out waiting for someone to sell one of those on audiogon...