Rattle from Ceramic art pieces

Hanging On the rear wall about 8 feet up are 4 ceramic art pieces. Any low frequency sounds such as drums, bass cause these pieces to rattle. Any suggestions on how I could dampen this rattle. Taking down the pieces is not an option.
Could you put blue tack or other similar material at the contact points to the wall. I'm assuming that is the rattle--but in any case, where ever the contact points are that are creating the rattle, if you can put something like that--they make similar products in white as well.
Nail them to the wall.
Seriously,Poster gum or whatever its called is similar to blue tack and cost <$1 at wal-mart.
only need a little ball at the contact points.
May leave residue but that comes off with a little alcohol.
Blue tack is better than the no name blue poster gum that David99 mentions. The no name is MUCH more sticky and gummy, and tougher to remove. Also, any chance of placing a towel or wash-cloth over the ceramics while you are listening?
I have purchased 'no name' (Cant remember the name) that wasnt sticky or gummy.
If you want to spend $10 + S/H for the almighty BLUE TACK then go for it.
Other stuff works as well.I made the dumb mistake of buying 'the audiophile' stuff and passed it around to friends.Its gone now but the cheapo stuff is just as good,actually better if you consider the outrageous price of BLUE TACK.
Blue Tak can leave a residue on certain ceramics. Try a wax based product available at your local antique mall called "Quake Hold".
David99, can you remember the name of that "no-name". The two samples that I tried were definitely more sticky, tacky, and softer than Blue Tack, especially if they were warmed up (like summer time here in Arizona!) Let me know...and thanks for your input!
Fatparrot-I live in N.Y. Nothing gets sticky or tacky here. :~)
I do not remember the brand name of the stuff I had a while back.All I remember is it was blue and came from wal-mart.
I feel it was exactly like blue tack.
I dont have it anymore as my daughter got a hold of it and used it up on her posters.
Next time I hit that store I'll see if they still sell this particular brand and let ya know.
The cheap stuff works fine. There is a yellow one I think most Ace hardware stores carry it. Kmart too!
Thanks for the responses. Will any padding material work?
I've used some "generic" Blue Tak and also thought that it was "stickier". The stuff that i tried came from a graphic arts supply store but i don't remember the name.

As a side note, i think that all of this stuff will leave some type of oily residue behind it, so be careful when using it. You might end up with dark spots on your finish or paint if directly applied.

Other than that, try sticking a thin layer of re-bond carpet padding between the ceramic art and the wall. If you can cut the padding to the contour of the art, you'll never see it and it will damp the vibration from being transferred from the wall into the ceramic and at the same time, damp the air-borne vibrations that the ceramic pieces themselves pick up. You can probably get some scraps from a local carpet joint for free or next to nothing. Sean