Rate my system and chose the next upgrade

Good evening,

I'm looking to get my system to the "next" level.  Before you ask, what is "lacking", I can not pinpoint anything.  Over all, seems to sound "pretty good" to me.  I've been back to vinyl, buying nicer copies and cleaning well with a musichall machine.  Most of my time is spent utilizing a quick CD or SACD and Hi-Rez digital with Audirvana but really enjoy the vinyl experience.  I would utilize more vinyl but usually it's more time consuming.

Why am I upgrading?  I feel I may be missing out on improvement of sound somehow, therefore "upgrading" must be the correct answer right?  Here's my system.  What would you start with to upgrade?  My typical upgrade budgets are about $3k at a time.  I'll list the approximate retail value (new)

Yamaha A-s2000 integrated- $3000?
Yamaha A-s2100 SACD/CD- $3000?
Teac UD-501 DAC with DSD capability - $850
Clear Audio Performance DC Turntable- $3500 with clarify tonearm
Clear Audio Balance Phono stage- $1000
Sound Smith Cart- can't remember which but a $1200 unit
Martin Logan motion 40XT's- $2000/pair
Martin Logan small sub woofer-$500?


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Pick up the Legacy Classic HD's tomorrow.  I'll let anyone who's interested know what I think
You did not mention power conditioning or cables.  I would start with the Denali  6000s, its in you ballpark.  Then I would upgrade the power cables, speaker cables and analog and digital interconnects and $ 3000 is a decent starting point for cables.
First off, I think tomcarr, hit this one out of the park.  Can you get better speakers, well of course you could depending on your budget, but, you must work on set up first in the room that you have chosen to put your equipment in.  Keep playing with placement of speakers with in the room until you like what you hear, since you have the dedicated room.  In some cases not all components have synergy together, but only through the process of elimination will you know this.

 Speaker placement is the most important and getting your system to play the room is paramount.  Once things are set up like you like them and it sounds good, tomcarr is right do the tweaks one at a time, like first reflection points with acoustic treatment panels, using the mirror trick for this.  Do the subwoofer crawl for subwoofer placement.  Never buy things like cables to fix major problems, fix the major problems first. 

 Cables and Power cords can and do make a difference in getting that last 10 percent of performance, but if speakers are the problem, fix this first.  The goal is to get good sound without losing money through trades, just to find out if you spent the time first, you could have saved the money and enjoyed the system.  I also agree with the books that tomcarr recommended and I have the Jim Smith and the Michael Fremer DVD.  Legacy makes awesome speakers so if you get them I hope you enjoy them and let us know how they work out.