Rat speakers for Deck - $200 budget - Need Suggest

I need a pair of speakers for outside use on the patio/garden/party area. I'm in a semi-tropical climate (San Diego, 7 miles inland) where it "never" freezes, little rain, very dry. They will be mounted on a wall under a permanent patio ceiling - no rain water will reach them. I'll probably bring them inside for Dec/Jan - the cold/rainy season.

I use a pair of JBL 4208 as computer monitors and, despite them being nearfield monitors, I think their over-pronounced bass might work well outside. This won't be a precision listening room, just need something that sounds decent. They will be mounted about 15' apart and listening will be from 8' to 40'.

Prefer 8" or larger LF driver. I temporarily put up some Infinity 6" bookshelfs (RS3 I think) and was shocked and pleased at just how well they sound . . . again, I'm taking into consideration these are speakers for the deck, not for high end listening.

Pushing these with a Denon, 2-channel receiver. List was $400 or so, nothing special, but a decent amp for these mass produced receivers.

Thanks for any suggestions.
EV 40 monitors. They live for abuse and sound fairly good.
the problem with most dedicated outdoor speakers is that they don't have much low end, probably becuase of limitations inherent in their size/plastic cabinetry. i have a big, weather-protected deck as well, so i've been using some big old 70s kenwood four-driver speakers, which have held up for five years and, if not exactly precision instruments, sound quite good--loud and deep. i got 'em on craigslist for $40 or so--i regularly see old cerwin vegas/pioneers/ars/fishers listed for next to nothing. any of these which might work for you.