Rare songs paid Download sites

hello everyone,

I need help here. I'm searching for paid music downloads sites that have new age songs from i.e. ENIGMA, ERA, TWO STEPS FROM HELL, DARK FOREST etc.. I usually listen to epic trailer music & soundtracks, usually by Hanz Zimmer, Thomas Bergerson, John Berry, etc.. but I have google many places (HDtracks, Junodownload, Soundcloud etc..) and none seems to have these group/artists. I'm not considering MP3, WMA , so minimum quality should be WAV, AIFF or FLAC.  

it's available on youtube as well but I want audiophile quality.

anyone know of such paid download sites? Thanks in advance!



if you're in the US. If not, 

Try 7digital.com and see if your country comes up.

Some hi-res there. Some of your artists are on there (Enigma) but not in HD. 

Love that Enigma.

Good luck.

Thanks dbtom2,

all i could find are MP3s.. 

anyone know i can download lossless AIFF, WAV? i don't need hirez , just plain 16/44.1 would suffice.

Thank you.


I found the whole Discography of Enigma in Flac......
Which site!?? Thanks
Forgot about this one. Tidal sells Flac downloads. I saw some Enigma too.