Rare and non-heavy advertised Ribbon \ Foil cables?

hello A'goners, 
can anyone drop me the manufacturer brands using of ribbon or somewhat similar construction like foil in their cables? i have gather names like Verastarr (heavily marketed) & Omega Mikro, i tried google but nothing much come out. i'm trying to find out more brands which are unknown, rarely marketed by dealers.
kindly assist me by giving me names and i would try to audition the cables myself. 
Your contribution would be appreciated! Thank you.
Fusion Audio - Eric Love
If you live near Chicago I have Eric’s Impulse and Enchanter PC's. Not his latest design but very good. I also have his original Interlocker RCA IC's.
BMI, Magnan, Wireworld, Elrod I believe use ribbon in some models.
Weber Wire (one of the original)
Pure Note Paragon Enhanced. No longer made. This 10 yr old silver ribbon IC is still in my system after extensive auditioning against respected newcomers. (Avoid the previous non-enhanced version.) Informative review here for a later model, TRS Audio Designer’s Edition.
Alpha-Core by Goertz no idea if they are still in business but their cables pop up on here from time to time.
Grover Huffman Cables. The Empress ICs use ribbons and sound open and transparent with smooth highs. There is also a trial period.

And duh, my Silversmiths. Forgot I had ribbon silver. I need a vacation!
I am using Verastarr Grand Illusion Statement and Reference Series cables in my rig...absolutely love them.   

Mike Powell is a great guy. Give it a try and be prepared to be amazed.  
You could obtain Duelund's silver foil wire from Parts Connexion, from $7-31 per foot, and build your own.  Vintage power cords from Wolff Audio and Electraglide were also ribbons.
hi Jond,
just googled. Goertz has a operating website, so i guess i can purchase direct from him without problems?

does Pure note cables has a site? couldn't find any contacts nor dealers. Thanks.

@philipwu you maybe able to buy direct if not I saw The Cable Company carries the whole line also.
Electraglide is still competitive. I have a SOTU pc that rotates into the system from time-to-time - great on front-end components.
I think Pure Note is defunct today.
MG Audio Design makes cables of both copper and silver foil. 
47 Laboratory (47 Labs) Model 4719 Speaker Cable.

$800/8 ft pair
$1000/10 ft pair
I too have been using Verrastar Grand Illusion Reference power cables. Highly recommended. Tight, dynamic and they do not editorialize the music. Very good with solid state equipment IME.
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Weber Wire.  If it shows up.
Does anyone notice or owns a Jena Labs cable before? Are they popular here as much as in the EU? I think they have flat ribbon too 
Philip, you are asking the right question for speaker wire. According to Maxwell's Equations, two ribbons with wide sides together, are the theoretical optimum for speaker wire. It's the current that makes inductance your main enemy for speaker wire, while the tiny currents in line level cables make capacitance your main enemy for line level. Lower capacitance means conductors further apart.

I have used Goertz, and can recommend it.
I second MG cables. They are excellent speaker cables!

hi , that's in my list too. 

has anyone tried Stefan Art Endorphin Wood Shell Ribbon cable? they have another foil cable (their flagship)that is air-suspended at twice the cost!
i wonder if the sound is twice as good?
Mapleshade uses ribbon as well.

Analysis Plus is not exactly like that, but they have very wide construction stacked on top of one another.

You know, one way to get foil cables is to take apart a foil inductor and built it yourself.  There may be DIY instructiosn online.


Mojo Audio makes excellent ribbon power cords and interconnects