Hi guys,
I am new here and have a question for you.
I' ve just bought a vintage rappaport pre model 1, which amp could best fit with it?Thinking about tube amps...but open to solid state suggestions..
Speakers are tannoy d300 and I almost listen to jazz.
How about a Rappaport Amp 1, pure class A and solid state. Just don't let the kiddies too near, they run really, really hot. Seems like the natural answer.
Thanks Viridian,
You are right.Seems to be the natural answer.
Only a problem:Amp 1 it's hard to find.
If not a model1 amp, any medium wattage deep class A solid state, with a reasonable input impedance (+10kOhm). Some of the old electrocompaniets, old mark levs (the 25W? ones), are possible candidates TRY a few, the pre1 is easy to carry along to dealers! You want to check for midbass and upper bass frequencies (most spkrs can manage these), and upper treble detail & energy when reproducing transients (cymbals, etc). I do mean check for energy & presence in these frequencies... whether the overall sonic result is to your liking is another matter (that you settle on the spot!). Cheers